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Google Fit update finally brings strength training feature to all Android Wear 2.0 watches

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Whether you have a new Android Wear 2.0 watch or a first-gen model that just received an update, they’re about to get a lot more buffed. We already know the new Google Fit app brings a bunch of new trackers and motivators for workout buffs, but in the latest update, Google is finally turning on the best new feature.
Back when we reviewed the and watches, we noted a strange difference between them regarding one of Google Fit’s better features. On the Sport, we were able to activate Strength Training, which used the watch’s sensors to automatically track what we were doing (situps, weight lifting, etc.) and count our reps. But on the Style that option wasn’t present, and we couldn’t figure out why.


ZTE's Quartz smartwatch: A good idea hindered by its OS

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ZTE's Quartz smartwatch is the Chinese phone maker's first attempt at breaching what's quickly becoming a saturated U.S. smartwatch market. Two of the watch's most promising features are its ability to be used without a phone and its affordability. But how do these promises stand up to the test? I tried it out for myself. 

3G Connectivity may not be as useful as you think 

To begin with, I must point out that a lot of the issues I had while using the ZTE Quartz were not necessarily issues arising from the watch itself, but rather from its OS, Android Wear 2.0, and limitations on the T-Mobile network. 
Quartz comes with 3G support from T-Mobile, as well as WiFi, and a built-in speaker, which means that you should be able to make and take calls without your phone. During testing, calls from the watch worked fine, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the volume of the speaker, but there's a big caveat: You have to have two different numbers for your phone and for your watch. 


Google highlights 60 app and game nominees for second annual Play Awards

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Google I/O is just about three weeks away, and Google is already starting the festivities. Along with the , the company has now announced the finalists for its second annual Google Play Awards, and there are even more awesome apps on display this year.
While all of the main awards remain, including Best App, Best Game, Best Standout Indie, and Best Standout Startup, a number of new apps will be recognized this year in an array of categories, including AR, VR, and Android Wear. This year, each category includes five nominees, with winners to be announced on Thursday, May 18. The nominees are:


Notion Home Awareness Starter Kit review: Smarter sensors, but limited control

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Don’t call it a security system: Notion is a “home awareness kit” that offers a somewhat different value proposition. Like a standard DIY security setup, Notion is built around a wireless hub and sensors that you place around your house. The wall-wart hub is fully wireless and requires no hardwired ethernet connection to your router. Just plug the hub into any power outlet and run through a few quick steps in Notion’s iOS or Android app and you’re ready to start placing sensors. Notion is sold in two bundles, with either three sensors or five. Add-on sensors are $49 a pop.
There’s just one type of sensor—a little hockey puck a bit larger than a Double Stuf Oreo cookie—and that’s by design. Rather than building different sensors for different applications, Notion’s single sensor does everything. One sensor can detect position changes (doors or windows opening or closing), temperature fluctuations, water leaks, light, noise, and more. A single sensor can serve multiple needs at the same time.


NordVPN VPN Service Subscription for $48 for 1yr; $79 for 2yrs

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NordVPN continues to offer its NordVPN VPN Service 1-Year Subscription for $143.40. Coupon code "PRIVACY1" cuts that to $48. (Click "Got Coupon?" at checkout to enter the code.) That's $95 off list and tied with our mention from last week as the lowest price we could find. The service features 2048-bit SSL encryption, 662 worldwide server locations in 57 different countries, a no-logs policy, and automatic kill switch. You can connect up to six devices simultaneously, and it's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and more.
Of note, you can get a 2-year subscription for $79 when you apply coupon code "PRIVACY2". (Choose "$4/Month - Billed Every 2 Years" under "Choose plan" before entering the code at checkout to see this price.) That's $208 off list and tied with last week's mention as the best deal we've seen for a 2-year subscription.

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Cat Simulator Tips, Cheats: Aggresive Animals and Hunting, Strategy Guides

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Cat Sim by Turbo Rocket Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad). There are a lot of animals in Cat Simulator Game. Some of them are aggressive like dogs, hawks and etc and they will attack your cat. Aggressive animals have high health point and high attack damage. It's dangerous if your cat is under-leveled if you are facing them.


10 White Castle Original Sliders for $6

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At participating White Castle locations, get ten White Castle Original sliders in several flavors for $5.99 when you order online or via smartphone app for iOS or Android. That's a savings of $4. Some exclusions or limitations may apply. Click here to find a location near you.

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Lovely Korean idol Tzuyu gets her own mobile game

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A new game titled "Tzuyu Skate Twice" has appeared on the Google Play Store, and it is a cute and colourful little side-scrolling game that involves having Kadorable orean idol Tzuyu skateboard to the end of each level while trying to get the highest score possible. Unfortunately for Apple device users, this adorable little game is only available on Android platforms.


Bit Heroes Tips, Cheats: Heroes Stats and Buffs, Strategy Guides

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Bit Heroes by Kongregate for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad). Power increases the amount of damage and healing you do. Stamina Increases the amount health have in battle. Agility increases how quickly you get turns in battle.


CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips, Cheats: Prestige and Championship, Strategy Guides

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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars by ZeptoLab for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad). Prestige Mode is available for players who have reached the last Stage 24. Prestige allows you to "restart" the game from the very beginning while gaining all the Skills, Rating and Gems. You car, all your Coins and spare parts will be reset. This action is irreversible.


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