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Detroit Become Human Gameplay 4K 60 Minutes (after demo)

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CG writes: Take a look at over one hour of new Detroit Become Human gameplay from the PS4 Pro version. The opening chapters sets the scene for the roles of the three android characters before less mundane events start to kick-off.

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Detroit: Become Human Review | NoobFeed

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Detroit: Become Human uses a lot of recognizable humanitarian themes in its 10-hour multi-tier campaign. Following the movement of sentient Androids known as Deviants players take part in the development of a new species of living A.I. units who humanity has created and become depended on. The story is full of rich captivating characters that the player can alter to their personal taste and shift the story. This dense narrative is often held back by the obtuse control scheme, use of red barriers, and difficult movement leading to being trapped in the game's geometry. Detroit: Become Human is an excellent narrative-driven game, just don't come in expecting compelling gameplay.

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This is what the Red Hydrogen One phone looks like

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Red held an event at their studios in Hollywood to show off the unreleased Hydrogen One and we finally got a peek at the $1200 android phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Google Pixel 2: Which camera is best?

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Super-slow motion, dual aperture, HDR, portrait mode, 4K video and low-light photos: We explore and compare them all on two of the best Android phones.

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The Opening Of Detroit: Become Human Sure Is Some Science Fiction

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The concerns at the heart of Detroit: Become Human are readily apparent almost from the very start: the existential crisis faced by androids that look and behave like people but are treated like things.

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Review: Detroit: Become Human is the peak of Quantic Dream storytelling | GameZone

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GameZone: In Detroit: Become Human, the year is 2038. The world has developed androids who have begun rapidly replacing human jobs. Some people find the machines useful, some are actively (and violently) protesting against them in order to retain their jobs. Tensions are high and an android uprising is imminent.

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Google's Android P to Enhance Enterprise Use of Mobile DevicesGoogle's Android P to Enhance Enterprise Use of Mobile Devices

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DAILY VIDEO: Google touts enterprise-friendly features in Android P, and Microsoft gives SharePoint collaboration a mixed-reality twist.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace for PS4, Switch, PC and smartphones comparison gameplay, platform differences

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Square Enix has released the second volume of its SaGa: Scarlet Grace Hiiro no Yabou Development Interview series, which showcases how the game runs across all four available platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch, PC (Steam), and smartphones (iOS / Android).

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This car stereo has Android Auto and CarPlay for $137

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Wait, what? Aren't these things usually $400 and up? Plus: This is the evil-R2-D2 droid you've been looking for.

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'Detroit: Become Human' puts Jesse Williams at the front of an android uprising | EW review

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Detroit feels more like a rich television miniseries with elements of Westworld, Ex Machina, and neo-noir mysteries mixed in. But the replay-ability factor is questionable.

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