Thursday, 21 September 2017
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New Product Is First to Claim It May Reduce Peanut Allergies

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The label of a new powdered peanut product is the first to be allowed to claim it may reduce peanut allergies in susceptible infants.

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Food allergy diagnosis by oral food challenge is safe, says study

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A study of 6,327 low-risk, non-research, open oral food challenges for diagnosing food allergies found that very few resulted in allergic reactions.

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Keychain detector could catch food allergens before it's too late

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For kids and adults with food allergies, a restaurant outing can be a fraught experience. Even when care is taken, freshly prepared or packaged meals can accidentally become cross-contaminated with an offending food and trigger a reaction. Now researchers report the development of a new portable allergen-detection system -- including a keychain analyzer -- that could help prevent trips to the emergency room.

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Cracking down

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As hospital admissions for allergies rise, what should people reasonably do to protect sufferers?


Comparing food allergies: Animals and humans may have more in common than you think

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Not only people, but mammals like cats, dogs and horses suffer from symptoms and problems of food intolerance and allergies. Scientists have now condensed the knowledge about human and animal food allergies and intolerance into a new European position paper. It highlights the strong similarities in symptoms and triggers of adverse food reactions and stresses the need for more comparative studies on mechanisms and diagnosis of food intolerance.

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Immune cells may be key to better allergy, infection therapies

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By learning how a recently discovered immune cell works in the body, researchers hope to one day harness the cells to better treat allergies and infections.

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Gene therapy could 'turn off' severe allergies

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A single treatment giving life-long protection from severe allergies such as asthma could be made possible by recent immunology research.

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