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US black and Hispanic minorities bear disproportionate burden from air pollution

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Black and Hispanic Americans bear a disproportionate burden from air pollution caused mainly by non-Hispanic white Americans, according to a new study. The research quantifies for the first time the racial gap between who causes air pollution and who breathes it.

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A tale of two cities: Is air pollution improving in Paris and London?

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For the first time, a joint air pollution study across two mega-cities -- London and Paris -- measures the impact of policies designed to reduce air pollution from urban traffic over the last 12 years.

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Does air pollution really kill nearly 9 million people each year?

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A study claims that air pollution causes 9 million "extra" deaths worldwide each year, including 800,000 in Europe – which is double previous estimates

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Schools should have 'no idling zones', Public Health England chief says

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A review by public health chiefs also calls for charges for cities across the UK to cut air pollution.

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Bacteria live in China’s thick smogs and may be making it even worse

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When air pollution is thick, bacteria proliferate and form microscopic particles in the air that may be exacerbating city smogs in China

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No traffic in Addis Ababa as Ethiopia marks Car Free Day

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The Ethiopian capital marks Car Free Day to promote a healthy lifestyle and fight air pollution.

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South Korea Passes Emergency Measures To Fight Record Levels Of Dust Pollution

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South Korea passed several emergency measures to fight the "social disaster" facing the country in the form of air pollution on Wednesday after record levels of fine dust have lingered in the air the past several weeks, according to The Guardian. Pollution in Asia's fourth-largest economy has been driven up by coal-fired power and high vehicle emissions, with more and more Koreans concerned about the health costs of the pollution. The issue has also been weighing on President Moon Jae-in's approval ratings, but since the government designated the issue a disaster it allows officials to reserve funds to help respond to any damage or emergency caused by polluted air. South Korea's reserve...

Air pollution kills more people than smoking, major new study says

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Air pollution is a bigger global killer than smoking, research has shown.

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As wildfires devour communities, toxic threats emerge

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As an uncontrollable wildfire turned the California town of Paradise to ash, air pollution researcher Keith Bein knew he had to act fast: Little is known about toxic chemicals released when a whole town burns and the wind would soon blow away evidence.


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