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Plastic pellets known as nurdles are polluting our waterways

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One of the biggest challenges facing the modern world is one most people don't know about and often can't even see. It's the problem presented by nurdles, trillions of small plastic pellets produced by petrochemical giants. Leftover pellets have been escaping into waterways and oceans for decades, but only lately has serious action been taken to figure out what can be done. That includes a monumental settlement in Texas, where Jeff Glor traveled to ground zero for this issue.


India faces its worst air pollution of 2019, forcing vehicle restrictions and school closures

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Air pollution in New Delhi, India, is facing a three-year high as emergency measures cause vehicle restrictions and force school closures. New Delhi is considered one of the world's most polluted cities and air pollution typically peaks in November for the region.

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Measures to reduce air pollution quickly result in big health benefits

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A review of evidence from around the world shows that reducing air pollution in homes, cities or countries has a dramatic effect on health almost immediately

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Hospital visits go up after days with higher levels of air pollution

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On days when fine particulate matter in the air increases even a little bit, more people seem to end up in hospital for illnesses such as heart and lung conditions

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| Bushfires: why Scott Morrison avoids talking about climate change

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Only a few weeks into summer, a bushfire emergency has engulfed much of eastern Australia. But the prime minister has continued to downplay the links between worsening fire seasons and the climate crisis. Katharine Murphy explains to Laura Murphy-Oates why Morrison’s strategy is flawed
You can read Katharine Murphy’s extensive on Australia’s record on climate change, including this on the Coalition’s response to the fires. You can also check out our , read about what Angus Taylor has said at the , or read on the hazardous air pollution triggered by the fires. Sydney climate protest: thousands rally against inaction amid bushfire and air quality crisis

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Protesters wore face masks, asking the government to act on the role global heating had on the longer and more devastating bushfires
Thousands of people have rallied in Sydney to protest against inaction on the climate crisis, after months of bushfires and hazardous smoke in New South Wales and Queensland.
On Tuesday, the level of dangerous PM2.5 particles in Sydney’s air was , and fires have burnt through across NSW and Queensland this season.

Our bush is burning. Our city is shrouded in smoke.
We demand action.

Big protest gathering in ... follows month of record bad air pollution and probably the biggest fires to sear NSW.

I think this is my favourite pun-related placard at the climate change march at Sydney Town Hall

Massive cheers for the efforts of firefighters this week NSW bushfires: doctors sound alarm over 'disastrous' impact of smoke on air pollution

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Sydney GP Dr Kim Loo says poor patients are worst affected as AMA warns of possible long-term increase in asthma cases
A Sydney GP working in the suburbs hardest hit by bushfire smoke plaguing NSW has said she is devastated for her patients, many of them unable to afford air filters, air-conditioning or masks.
Dr Kim Loo works in Rouse Hill, which along with Richmond and St Mary’s on Tuesday recorded some of the highest levels of ultra-fine PM2.5 particles, small enough to enter the lungs and bloodstream. On Tuesday afternoon the 24-hour average index for Rouse Hill stood at 430, with anything above 200 rated “hazardous”.

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Tackling air pollution: Researchers present emissions inventory for Nepal

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Data on emission amounts and sources have an important role to play in shaping policy on climate protection and air quality. Now, scientists have presented the first high-resolution inventory to record emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in Nepal over an extended period of time. Their research reveals that the air pollution problem is growing at a much faster rate than the economy.

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Extinction Rebellion activists wearing gas masks block central London road in protest against 'deadly air pollution'

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Climate protesters wearing gas masks blocked a road in central London to demand the next government tackles "deadly levels of air pollution" in the capital.

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Dramatic health benefits following air pollution reduction

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Reductions in air pollution yielded fast and dramatic impacts on health-outcomes, as well as decreases in all-cause morbidity, according to new findings.

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