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Djokovic crosses fingers for clean air at Melbourne Park

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Defending champion Novak Djokovic says he was saddened by the sight of players and ball kids struggling in smoky conditions during Australian Open qualifying and hoped the worst of the air pollution was behind them at the year's first Grand Slam.

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Exposure to air pollution in pregnancy does not increase symptoms of attention-deficit

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A study of 30,000 children from seven European countries found no association between prenatal exposure to air pollution and symptoms of attention-deficit and hyperactivity.

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Air pollution exposure may make our bones become weaker

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A study of 3700 people suggests that exposure to air pollution is linked to lower bone mineral content. This may make people more likely to develop osteoporosis

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6 steps you can take to protect yourself from London's air pollution

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London's air pollution can mess with your lifestyle and your lungs, but there are actions we can take to fight it, says Lucy Siegle

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CH House / ODDO architects

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Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam with one of the highest population density, intensive traffic jams, often facing air pollutions, lack of public spaces and greenery but at the same time the city bearing the importance of Vietnamese culture and old traditions.  The house is designed for three family generations who wanted to create a harmonious space in the hectic city in order to enhance the traditional family ’s life. The site of the house is a typical plot for long and narrow local tube houses, in the case of CH house -  4,2 m  width by 35 m length.  

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Mix of stress and air pollution may lead to cognitive difficulties in children

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Children with elevated exposure to early life stress in the home and elevated prenatal exposure to air pollution exhibited heightened symptoms of attention and thought problems, according to researchers. Early life stress is common in youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who also often live in areas with greater exposure to air pollution.

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Air pollution from oil and gas production sites visible from space

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US and European satellites help scientists measure nitrogen dioxide from drilling, production and flaring.

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London's air pollution putting you off cycling? This new air filter mask is here to help

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The Atmos Facewear device claims to be 50 times more effective than existing facemasks

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| Australians need a 'slip slop slap'-style campaign to learn about air pollution

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Doctors liken this summer’s hazardous bushfire smoke to the days when we realised the sun contributes to skin cancer
Unprecedented bushfires have sparked health concerns for Australia’s most vulnerable populations, but proper education and adequate policies may help the public to cope better, according to the Public Health Association of Australia.
People such as children under the age of 14, those over the age of 65, pregnant women and individuals with pre-existing respiratory issues are at the highest risk during periods of poor air quality.

Australians are having to become air-quality smart. Like learning about UV, the sun and its effect on skin cancer, we’ll need to adapt to the new world where clear unpolluted air can't be taken for granted. Our media release just out

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Birmingham could ban private cars from city centre in air pollution drive

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Private cars could be banned from Birmingham city centre in a bid to cut pollution levels.

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