Tuesday, 18 December 2018
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Explainer: What's at stake in Congo's presidential election?

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Democratic Republic of Congo will vote on Dec. 23 in a long-delayed election that could enable the vast Central African country's first democratic transfer of power since independence from Belgium in 1960.

Russians Took Aim at Black Voters in 2016 to Boost Trump

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A Russian influence campaign used a range of social-media platforms to suppress African-American voter turnout and boost Trump, according to studies commissioned by the Senate.

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South Africa's 'toxic' race relations

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Racism remains deeply embedded in South Africa nearly 25 years after minority rule ended, writes Fergal Keane.

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A Totally Necessary Debate About Saturday Night Live’s Weezer Sketch

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The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live featured a sketch where an entire dinner table got into a debate about whether Weezer is still a good band, prompted by their cover of Toto’s “Africa” coming up on shuffle. In the interest of taking this sketch to its very extreme ...

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Sphinx molecule to rescue African farmers from witchweed

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An interdisciplinary team has discovered a highly potent and selective molecule, SPL7, that can lead seeds of the noxious parasitic weed Striga to suicide germination.

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New strains of hepatitis C found in Africa

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The largest population study of hepatitis C in Africa has found three new strains of the virus circulating in the general population in sub-Saharan Africa. The discovery suggests certain antiviral drugs used in the West may be less effective against these strains, and local clinical trials of patients are urgently needed. The study could inform hepatitis C vaccine development and assist the World Health Organization's aim of eliminating hepatitis C globally.

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Reports detail how Russia used social media to depress Democratic turnout in 2016

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Two new reports produced for the Senate Intelligence Committee detail how the Russian government used social media to target African-American communities and suppress Democratic turnout in the 2016 election. CBS News intelligence reporter Olivia Gazis spoke to CBSN with more.

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Abercrombie & Kent Opens New Office in Kigali, Rwanda

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Luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent has opened an office in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. This is the company’s 10th office in sub-Saharan Africa and the 53rd worldwide.

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Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century - An Immersion Pack For Conquistadors

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Europa Universalis IV's Golden Century Immersion Pack is out, and it's got new missions and changes for Spain, North Africa, and pirates!

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