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Google Assistant Goes to Work for Nvidia's Shield TV

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Nvidia on Thursday announced that its Shield TV now includes Google Assistant as part of its Shield Experience Upgrade 6.0 update. The update also lets the Shield device work as a SmartThings Hub when paired with a SmartThinks Link. The SmartThings Link, which can be used to connect Shield TV as a SmartThings Hub, will be released in the coming months with a promotional launch price of $14.99.


Ukraine says it has taken out vital bridge in occupied Kherson

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Ukrainian forces attacked the bridge as part of its counter-offensive in the occupied Kherson region.

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Farm Sign Says Sex, Noises And Odors Inevitable To New City Slicker Neighbors [Viral Photo]

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A viral farm sign says sex, noises and odors are inevitable when you live next to one, and if you don't like it, you ought to move away.
We're guessing that the owner of said farm regularly gets complaints about his/her animals making noises, smelling bad and having sex outdoors for everyone to see. It inspired the farmer to make this unique farm sign, warning of sex, noises and odors, and advising anyone who has a problem with it to move away.
The tell-it-like-it-is sign warns of the uniquer conditions when living next to a farm and says that unless you can "tolerate noise, odors and outdoor sex, DON'T BUY PROPERTY NEXT TO A FARM."
A photo of the sign was by user 0Fucs2Give (something tells us the sign really resonated with that handle's operator) in just under 20 hours.
A few comments on the thread show that people complaining about farms they live next to is actually . City slickers relocating to quieter, pastoral settings often call the cops over the smell of manure and even petition to shut down farms in the name of property value.
"I work for a city Parks department. People buy houses next to parks then complain about people walking through the park next to their house along the fence. Or buy the property that backs to a park and is closes to a swing set then complain kids on swings can see in their yard. People are not smart," wrote one user.
One Redditor joked "Cow sex is hilarious, I don't see how that is a negative selling point for anyone." We might have to agree, there.
What do you think of the farm sign warning of sex, noises and odors? Sound off!

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Wakanda, A Fictional Country From The Marvel Universe, Listed As A U.S. Trading Partner On USDA Website

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Wakanda, a fictitious nation that exists only within the (MCU) and is not a real country, was listed as a U.S. trading partner on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) website, reports. According to the entry, the two countries purportedly trade ducks, donkeys, and dairy cows with one another.
The federal government keeps records and data on just about everything and it can be surprising what sort of information is available on government websites. Francis Tseng, a New York-based software engineer, found himself finding some obscure information as he was looking up agricultural tariffs for a fellowship he was applying for not too long ago.
On the USDA -- which tracks the cost of importing and exporting goods from countries that have free trade agreements with the United States -- Tseng found the Kingdom of Wakanda listed, as well as a detailed list of the goods the two countries supposedly traded. These include the aforementioned animals, fresh vegetables, unroasted coffee beans, essential oils, and other livestock.
Some of the data Tseng uncovered showed that Wakandan potatoes were being charged a tariff of half a cent per kilogram. There was no tariff on frozen Chinese water chestnuts from Wakanda, however, nor was there one on Wakandan cows.
Tseng says that when he first saw the Wakanda entry, he was confused, believing for a second that his memory had been muddled and that Wakanda was a real place.
Once he realized that the kingdom doesn't actually exist and never has, he took to Twitter to share his strange find with the internet.
Soon, the snark was flowing. One reporter, for example, asked how things were progressing in trade talks between the U.S. and a fictional city from another .
"Where are things at on negotiations with Agrabah?" they asked.
As it turns out, no one within the USDA actually believes that Wakanda is a real place. Rather, as USDA spokesman Mike Illenberg explained, Wakanda's entry was added to the system as part of a testing process and it never got removed.
"The Wakanda information should have been removed after testing and has now been taken down," he said.
For those unfamiliar with the origins of Wakanda, it first appeared in a Marvel comic in the 1960s as the fictional home of the superhero Black Panther. In its portrayal in the MCU, Wakanda is actually a wealthy and technologically-advanced nation that had hidden itself from the rest of the world for years, instead using cloaking technology to portray itself as economically and technologically depressed.

Why FBI agents searched Trump's beachfront estate

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Agents took classified documents from the former president's home as part of an unprecedented investigation.

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What to know about FBI search of Trump's home

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Agents took classified documents from the former president's home as part of an unprecedented investigation.

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Watch Megan Thee Stallion Write Some Thank-You Notes With Jimmy Fallon

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As part of her guest hosting gig on The Tonight Show.

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'We are weaker everywhere!' EU shamed as FIVE major failures brutally outlined

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A LEADING Frexiteer has laid into the EU, outlining five key reasons France should leave the economic union as they demonstrate "we are much weaker everywhere" as a part of it.

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