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Is the most effective weight-loss strategy really that hard?

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Dietary self-monitoring is the best predictor of weight-loss success. But the practice is viewed as so unpleasant and time-consuming, many would-be weight-losers won't adopt it. New research shows for the first time how little time it actually takes: 14.6 minutes per day on average. The frequency of monitoring, not the time spent on the process, was the key factor for those in the study who successfully lost weight.

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Things we'd change in sports: It's time for Olympics to adopt a rotation for Games

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It’s time for a rotation of cities that have already successfully put on the Olympics, with a new site thrown in every fourth Olympiad.


School official sorry for calling Hitler a 'good leader'

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A New Jersey sports official is apologizing for telling student athletes that Adolf Hitler was a "good leader" with "bad moral character and intentions."


Wellness gurus' health tips: which to adopt and which to ignore

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The daily routines of four wellness obsessives profiled in The Times included some habits backed up by evidence - and some that definitely aren't

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Adobe and Moleskine Launch Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet

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Adobe and Moleskine have launched the 'Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected,' a notebook that seamlessly turns hand-drawn sketches into digital artwork that appears in real time in Adobe Illustrator on the desktop when used with the Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse.

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Pro-Thaksin candidates adopt his name in Thai election

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It's election season in Thailand and a campaign truck is rolling at the crack of dawn through the streets of the northeastern town of Phimai, blaring the slogan "Vote Thaksin, Get Thaksin."

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Professional Hitler Lookalike Reveals The Weirdest Thing He’s Ever Been Asked To Do

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Working as a professional Adolf Hitler lookalike is not everyone's cup of tea, but for U.K. man Neil Holmes, making guest appearances as the Nazi dictator has proved extremely lucrative.
reported that by day, Neil puts in a nine-to-five stint on the building site, but by night, the jackboots and the swastika armband come on and Neil struts his stuff as a well-paid Hitler impersonator.
Holmes is the first to admit that he is reluctant to tell too many people about his profitable sideline as the leader of the Third Reich. He's not sure how some would react, and he's pretty sure not everyone would understand. But when you command over $750 for as little as ten minutes work, wearing a fake mustache and talking in a silly accent might not seem so bad, as he admitted.
The 55-year-old confesses it's a weird claim to fame, but he enjoys it and it's "a fun day out."

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Casa La Reserva / AMASArquitectos

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The House "La Reserva" adopts its name from the place where it is located, it is the result of a series of design exercises that were shaped by developing the architectural modelling in collaboration with the client. The terrain is no larger than 128.0m2 and is located close to the principal arteries of the city of Xalapa, which benefits the project, considering that the urban area of the city expands in an accelerating and uncontrolled manner towards the periphery. The central idea of the project emerges from being inspired by, or, why not calling it a tribute to, our vernacular architecture, inherent to the region, the same that has been displaced by new concepts and doctrines of a globalized architecture lacking identity.


Adobe XD Announces New AI Integrations

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Adobe XD has announced two new plugins that leverage artificial intelligence, providing new ways for designers to enhance their design work and create dynamic user experiences.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance A Bohemian Rhapsody

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BY GRANT TAYLOR: Am I here today to establish just how badly Kingdom Come: Deliverance performed? In a word: no. I absolutely adore Kingdom Come: Deliverance and all it stands for, and feel that even a year later, the wider gaming community needs to hear just how underappreciated this title is. This article is written in the wake of the news that Kingdom Come has sold just two million copies in its entire lifetime (albeit a short one), a statistic that I feel is absolutely criminal.

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