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A country in freefall, with half its population at risk of famine. All because of an avoidable war

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Source: www.upi.com
Source: www.upi.com

(CNN)Hunger became starvation and is about to lurch into famine. A failing state failed and an economic crisis became a catastrophe. An insurgency became a civil war and then a regional conflict involving Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Over the past decade, Yemen's vicious cycle has become a downward spiral -- a predictable and preventable spiral. It is a country "in freefall," says the Norwegian Refugee Council. Eight million people are on the brink of famine. UN officials say that number may quickly rise to more than 12 million -- about half of Yemen's population -- unless the fighting stops. Nearly half a million Yemeni children are chronically malnourished; many are likely to...

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