Tuesday, 14 August 2018
How The U.S. Can Avoid Becoming Another Collapsing State Like Iraq

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Source: www.onenewspage.com
Source: www.onenewspage.com

Article by WN.com Correspondent Dallas Darling They say it takes one to know one. But instead of the more common meaning no one is better at finding a wrong doer than another wrongdoer, in this case no one is better at rebuilding a collapsing state than another collapsing state. The recent protests in Iraq over decrepit infrastructures which turned deadly was another reminder of how the U.S. is failing miserably to rebuild Iraq after preemptively going to war and destroying it. It’s also a mirror image of how it can’t even rebuild many of it’s own dilapidated cities and neighborhoods, which always leads to the breakdown of civil society and democracy. Images Staring Back Seldom Lie Storming...

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