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GameEnthus Podcast ep311: Bolt's Tavern or Sinbad in Space

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This week Lou(@Herobyclicking) from #Extralife , BigHeartedGamer and 100DaysofGaming joins Tiny (@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Man of Steel, Official Extra Life Stream Team, Master of None, Aziz Ansari, Dr. Who, Sense 8, garbage disposal, Star Trek Discovery, Max Payne, Knights of the Old Republic, Fight Night, No One Lives Forever, Crimsons Skies, Clive Barkers Undying, Road Rash, Road Redemption, Shining Force, Legacy of Kane, Contra, Vandal Hearts, Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Portrain of Ruin, Otagi, Punch-Out!!, ARMS, Mass Effect, SkySkipper, Voodoo Vince, Brute Force, Advent Rising, Too Human, Silicon Knights, 2DS XL, Squadd.io, Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, Binary Domain, Injustice 2, Polybius, Skylar & Plux, Tokyo 42, Hover: Revolt of Gamers, Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days, Flat Heroes, Demons Crystals, Thumper, Phantom Dust, Nintendo Direct ARMS, Rap Rabbit, South Park Fractured Butt Whole, Overwatch, The Witcher, The Gifted, Bl...

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