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Ford Fires 3 Muslims Who Celebrated 9/11, Gets Sued, and Wins

There were Muslims in the US celebrating the attack on America. This court case describes Muslims celebrating 9/11 attacks at Ford's engine plant in Michigan -- laughing and doing high fives in public on the day of the attacks...

NATO ambassadors to Turkey: Why didn’t you just escort that Russian plane out of your airspace?

If you’re worried that Turkey’s going to use Article 5 of NATO to drag the U.S. and other western nations into a hot war with Russia, don’t be. Sounds from this response like NATO will fall apart before anyone goes to the mat for the Turks.

NATO ambassadors called on Ankara to show “cool-headedness” on Tuesday following an emergency meeting in Brussels, after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border, diplomats said. Diplomats present at the meeting told Reuters that while none of the 28 NATO envoys defended Russia’s actions, many expressed concern that Turkey did not...


Armenia calls NATO’s attention to the violation of its air space by Turkish helicopters

Armradio - Armenian delegates have raised the issue of violation of the Armenian air space by Turkish helicopters on the sidelines of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's annual session held in Norway October 9-12. Member of the Armenian delegation Tevan Poghosyan has informed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the incident and addressed a letter to James Appathurai, the Secretary General's Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia and hopes to receive a response early in November. ... If NATO really values the inviolability of borders of its member states, it would be reasonable for the Alliance to serve an...


Turkey Violated Greek Airspace 2,244 Times Last Year, Fires At Russia For Doing It Once
Kalashnikov-wielding 'robbers' take bank manager's family hostage in French town of Roubaix near Belgian border
Russia Escalates: Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey, Moves Warship Off Coast
Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger
Netanyahu: Terrorists’ families won’t be able to work in Israel
Russian rescue helicopter 'shot down by Syrian rebels' while searching for pilots
CNN Reporter: Parisians Shaken Because This Time It Wasn’t Just Jews Targeted, ‘This Was Just People"
Video allegedly shows dead Russian pilot surrounded by armed rebels in Syria (GRAPHIC)
Teenage Islamist 'poster girl' who fled Austria to join ISIS 'is beaten to death by the terror group
Russian pilots 'shot dead' after Turkey shot plane down near Syria
Putin calls Turkey 'accomplices of terrorists' after Russian jet shot down - live updates
French ISIS fighters video threaten François Hollande with threat of new attacks on France
German shepherds befriend Siberian tigers at Slovakia's Oasis wildlife sanctuary
Anonymous hijack ISIS Twitter feeds with Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up video 
Tunisia declares state of emergency after bomb attack on presidential guards bus
Thousands gather for Italian state funeral of Bataclan massacre victim
Paris police release photo of Mohamed Abrini seen with Salah Abdeslam before attacks
Cyprus deports six Frenchmen detained at airport on suspicion of extremist links
Paris jihadis landlord Jawad Bendaoud is swept to court 
Albanian singer Ronela Hajati panics locals who mistook dancers for ISIS militants
Teen Islamist who fled Austria to join ISIS in Syria is beaten to death trying to escape
Josh and Addie Burnette entrust pet dog to film their wedding day on a GoPro
Video shows Israelis shooting Palestinian teenage attackers in Jerusalem
Journalists Emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi on trial for Vatican expose
Hindu Sabarimala temple to allow women in 'if machine can check they are not menstruating'
US bombs ISIS oil trucks in Syria but defends dropping leaflets to warn civilians
Oregon police investigate assault of transgender college student

PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - A transgender Oregon college student was assaulted at a private liberal arts school in Portland over the weekend in an attack that happened at about the same time a black student was punched by three white men, authorities said on Tuesday.


Seven charged with murder in beating of teen at upstate New York church

ALBANY, N.Y. (Reuters) - Seven people who prosecutors say were involved in the beating death of a teenager during a counseling session at an upstate New York church were indicted on second-degree murder charges on Tuesday by a grand jury.


Baby in swaddling clothes found in manger at New York church
U.S. Air Force looking into data breach related to contract protest: sources
Minneapolis police arrest three in shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters
Ohio man indicted for kidnapping son from mother 13 years ago
Man charged with killing California artist as he worked on mural
Jury weighs murder charges for Florida 'Facebook killer'
University in Washington state cancels classes after hate speech
Washington state girl, 16, found tied up in high school bathroom
Medical examiner finds Missouri man's death during police confrontation was suicide
Chicago charges officer in black teen's death, releases video of shooting
Five charged in $600 million California health care fraud scheme
Arkansas parents charged with manslaughter after two-year-old son shoots himself
CDC says at least 19 E. coli infections linked to Costco chicken salad
Seven charged in fatal beating of teen at upstate New York church
Minneapolis police arrest two in shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters
U.S. consumers and stores face off over depth of holiday discounts
Embezzled utility payments leave some Oklahomans in the dark
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Foreign Policy 'Inept, Incompetent, Nonexistent'

President Barack Obama doesn't appear to even have a strategy to deal with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Sunday.


Cruz Surpasses Carson in Iowa
Clinton Proposes $6,000 Tax Break for Caregivers
Trump up 10 Points but Rubio Best to Beat Hillary: Fox News Poll
Trump Ahead 10 Points in WaPost/ABC Poll
Democrat Edwards Wins Louisiana Governor's Race
Iowa Conservatives Abandoning Carson for Cruz
NBC Poll: Trump Still Leads, Cruz and Carson Tied for Second
Palin: Trump Becoming President Now 'Very Real Possibility'
Democrats Push to Prevent Gun Sales to Terror-list Suspects
Club for Growth Slams Trump for 'Pandering' to Voters
Trump Backs Off Muslim Registry Comments
CNN Announces GOP Debate Criteria, Using Iowa, New Hampshire Polls
Rep. John Thune: Obama's Decisions 'Opened the Door to ISIS'
Trump Urges Fox to Dump 'Boring and Totally Biased' George Will
RNC's Priebus Slams Hillary ISIS Speech as Extension of Obama's Policies
Politico Survey: 71 Percent Think Carson Weakest on Foreign Policy
Ben Carson: Refugee Program Must Screen for 'Mad Dogs'
NBC Begins Making Equal Time Offers After Donald Trump's 'SNL' Gig
Rep. Babin: Jesus, Mary Weren't Wearing Bomb Vests
Carly Fiorina: Obama Acting Political on ISIS, Not Like a Leader
Bloomberg Poll: Carson Wins on Personality, Trump on Action
PPP Poll: Trump Holds 7-Point Lead Over Carson
Marco Rubio Dazzles and Disappoints Republicans on Foreign Policy
Rubio Says Cruz Hurt US Intelligence Programs with Stance
Trump Holds Lead in Fla. Poll; Rubio Supplants Carson, Jeb Slips
Laugh Factory: Clinton Campaign Threatens Club Over Video
Axelrod: Here’s How Obama Bungled Refugee Response

One of President Barack Obama's former top advisers offered some criticism of how he could have better handled his response to those who are calling for the U.S. to halt the influx of refugees in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.


Donald Trump: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Bring Back Waterboarding
Kasich on Judeo-Christian Department: ‘Western Ethic … Is Under Attack’
Rand Paul Rips Trump: Does He Want Some Kind of ‘Religious Czar’ for Muslims?
American Reporter Sentenced to Iranian Prison As Obama Administration Remains Apathetic
#BlackLivesMatter Protester at Trump Rally Speaks Out on Brawl: Like a ‘Lynch Mob’
Trump on #BlackLivesMatter Protester at Rally: ‘Maybe He Should Have Been Roughed Up’
Greenwald Blasts CNN on CNN: Anchors Get Away With ‘Despicable’ Anti-Muslim Comments
Obama: The Media Needs to ‘Maintain Perspective’ in Terrorism Coverage
Stephanopoulos Confronts Trump on Muslim Database and Surveilling Mosques
Limbaugh Rips Obama on FNS: His ‘Number One Enemy’ Is the GOP, Not Terrorists
Tapper Presses Christie: Would You ‘Oust’ Refugees Already in Your State?
Trump Supporters Clash with #BlackLivesMatter Protester at Campaign Rally
SNL Becomes the Latest to Attempt Viral Cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’
SNL Cold Open Savages Fox Friends and Ben Carson
CNN Reporter’s Suspension for Biased Tweet Has Nothing To Do With Squashing Free Speech
Fox’s Jesse Watters Previews New Watters World Show Tonight
Don Lemon Tells Joy Behar His Career ‘Took Off’ After Coming Out
Fire Spreads on 50th Floor of Chicago Skyscraper
‘No Malice in There': Trump’s Kids Speak Out on Their Dad’s Controversial Statements
Sh*t Jeb Bush Says: A Low-Energy Collection
NFL Star Jameis Winston Sends CNN Legal Threat Over College Sexual Assault Doc
NY Dentist Arrested for Drugs, Child Porn, and Trying to Transmit HIV to Sexual Partners
GOP Rep.: Obama ‘Stands Up for ISIS’ by Fighting Republicans on Refugees
CNN Anchor Asks Guest If ISIS Is Just ‘Teasing’ the U.S. with Video
Restaurant Bill Goes Viral Over Note That Tips Are ‘For U.S. Citizens Only’
Colbert: GOPers Demanding Equal Time for Trump on NBC Are Like Subway Panhandlers
Will Smith: "Everybody Is Prejudiced," But "Racism Is Actually Rare"
FULL EVENT: Donald Trump FIRES UP Myrtle Beach, SC (11-24-15)
Canada: Refugee Families, Women, Children Welcome: NO SINGLE MEN
Algae engineered to kill cancer cells, leave healthy cells unharmed
Explosives Found in DHL Packages Bound for U.S. at Cairo Airport
National Polling Results: Trump 37, Carson 15, Rubio 14, Cruz 12
Never Mind that Thanksgiving Gun Conversation, There Is No ‘Loophole’ That Allows Terrorists To Legally Buy Guns
Thousands of Cubans stuck after Nicaragua declines to open border
See something, say something... and get sued for $15M
48% of Americans Favor Closing Borders, Halting ALL Immigration
Everything is Fine until the Bombs Go Off
Staten Island Mall restores tree lighting after trying to cancel Christmas events, spurring protest
MSNBC's Islamophobia Poster Boy Arrested in Turkey for Being ISIS
Parties Reported in Jersey City When the World Trade Center Fell
COLD SUN RISING: New Model Flips Climate Change Upside Down
Bella dumps 16 inches of snow - heaviest recorded Nov snowstorm in 100 years
Trump: I Saw Arabs In NJ Cheering During 9/11 With My Own Eyes
MAP: Radical Mosques in the USA
Trump Clairifies His Position on Muslim Surveillance
2014 AEI Poll: 13% of Syrian refugees are ISIS sympathizers
Muslim Refugee Rapes 10 Year-Old Girl In Minneapolis, but this isn't about that -- this is about how the press covered up his status when reporting the crime
72 Cases of Terrorist Activity in the US by Muslim Immigrants IGNORED
Guy Who Threatened To Shoot Every Black Kid On Campus… Is Black
'Nearly impossible' to indentify jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn
Diamond & Silk: Legal American Residents Already Tracked on Databases
ISIS Threat Atlanta: WWE Sunday
Salem, Virginia VA Bans "Merry Christmas"
OFFENSIVE: Hillary's Fake Southern Accent is Back
Full Interview: Donald, Melania, and all the Kids on 20/20 with Barbara Walters
Step by Step: How the Media Smeared Donald Trump as a Nazi
Minnesota: Somali Men Try To Kidnap Woman Outside Of Store
VA Bans Christmas Trees as Holiday Decorations in Public Areas
Terminally ill Virginia schoolboy, 8, finds true love with 7-year-old classmate
Trump: Hillary is a criminal 'walking on eggs' trying not to offend Obama on terror
Utah School Under Fire for Having Students Create Pro ISIS Posters
The Obama Administration has a Big Syrian Refugee Problem
VA: 17-yr Old Girl Petending to be White Arrested for Terror Threat Against School
At least 27 dead after Islamists seize luxury hotel in Mali's capital
America Is Charlie Sheen: 20,000,000 New STD Cases In America Each Year
California Middle School Makes Kids Sing About Spreading Islam
FBI Director: It's Impossible To Vet Every Single Syrian Refugee
US Pilots: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes
Trump Rises Higher After Paris Attack, Drive-Bys and Beltway Establishment Stunned
Woman Calls on Worcester Gangsters to Kill Donald Trump
Of Course Senate Democrats Block Cruz Refugee Bills
Ted Cruz Like You’ve Never Seen. Throws Gauntlet on Obama and Refugees
Trump Runs Radio Ads Criticizing Obama on Paris Attacks
House Vote to Halt Syrian Refugees Passes with Veto-proof Margin
MASS: Trump Rally Protester is Convicted Bomber of Marine Facility
Syrian Ambassador: Over 20% Of Refugees May Have Links To ISIS
TERROR ON THE CHEAP: Paris Attack Likely Cost Less Than 10K
Trump’s Trojan Horse Prediction Comes True: Syrian 'Refugees' Blow-Up Paris
Attkisson: Obama Won’t Read Intelligence on Groups He Doesn’t Consider Terrorists
FULL VIDEO: Donald Trump YUUUUGE Rally in Worcester, MA 11-18-15
THIN SKIN: Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians
The US Has Granted Citizenship To 15 Terrorists We Know Of
Trump: US Has 'Absolutely no choice' But to Close Mosques
Putin: To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me
Honduras: 5 Syrians Headed to US Arrested with Fake Greek Passports
Only 30 of 224,000 Parisian Muslims Protest Bloody ISIS Attacks
Refugee Religious Test: Federal Law Requires It
VIDEO: What's not shown on US TV about the Muslim Refugees
Nearly 70 Arrested in US for ISIS Plots in 18 Mo - Including Refugees
Number of people killed by terrorists worldwide soars by 80% IN ONE YEAR
Watch Megyn Kelly's Expression of Horror When She Learns ISIS is Islam
BREAKING NEWS: 'Heavy gunfire' breaks out in Paris suburb as police hunt for ninth jihadi
The Boston Bombing Tsarnaev Brothers Were Refugees Too

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