Saturday, 25 October 2014  
Police seek motive in fatal Washington state school shooting

MARYSVILLE Wash. (Reuters) - Authorities were seeking a motive on Saturday as to why a high school student in the United States' Washington state shot dead a female classmate and wounded four others in a campus cafeteria before killing himself.

Barack Obama, Bewildered Bystander

Charles Krauthammer, Wash Post
The president is upset. Very upset. Frustrated and angry. Seething about the governmentÂ#146;s handling of Ebola, said the front-page headline in the New York Times last Saturday.


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If The NFL Opposes Sports Gambling In New Jersey, It Shouldn't Play Football Games In London

On Friday afternoon, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Shipp issued a temporary restraining injunction to keep NFL fans for gambling on game results at New Jersey's Monmouth Park. The NFL battled hard for this injunction, arguing that the expansion of sports gambling would lead to irreparable harm for the league overall.


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