Thursday, 01 September 2016  
Raid on American Muslim's Home Uncovers 'Arsenal'

Gregerson, aka Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl, met with an undercover FBI agent at a Dearborn park. He reportedly pointed out a park ranger and boasted about how easy it would be to ambush him. “People like this, this isn’t even a challenge... if someone really wanted to do something that knew what they were doing... they could do a lot.”...

The Latest: Forecasters issue hurricane warning in Florida

The Latest on tropical weather systems threatening Hawaii and the Southeast (all times Hawaii local): 5:15 p.m. Forecasters have issued a hurricane warning for portions of northwestern Florida.Giuseppe Manone boards up the windows of a store in Hilo, Hawaii as Hurricane Madeline approached the Big Island on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016. Drier air and strong upper atmosphere winds are weakening Hurricane Madeline as it approaches Hawaii. (AP Photo/Audrey McAvoy) The National Hurricane Center on Wednesday night set the warning from the Suwanee River west to Mexico Beach as Tropical Storm Hermine (her-MEEN) was continuing to strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico. Hermine was 315 miles (510 kilometers)...


Donald Trump immigration speech: The Republican nominee returns to his hardline stance and bashes Obama ...

Donald Trump redrew his hardline stance against illegal immigration in the US in a...


WATCH: Daughter Gives Stepfather a Heartwarming Birthday Gift
Trump immigration policy: 'Day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone'
Ultra-violent gangs thrive in chaotic Venezuela despite crackdown
Trump insists 'Mexico will pay' for border wall
Supreme Court refuses to allow North Carolina to use voter ID
Hurricane warning downgraded for Hawaii’s Big Island
Australia to expand military action against Islamic State
Entenmann's Little Bites snacks voluntarily recalled
LEADING OFF: Light schedule includes Samardzija, deGrom
Husband of Heart singer Ann Wilson charged with assault
USDA offices to reopen after closure due to security threat
Open and shut! US Open closes roof for 1st time during match
Hit by cramps, Raonic loses to qualifier Harrison at US Open
Brown shines, Redskins beat Buccaneers in preseason finale
Trump outlines immigration policy: People in US illegally must leave
Trump Maintains Mexico Will Pay for Border Wall
Cops called to gas station after man squirts bear spray down pants, strips nude, then ...
Australia foreshadows expanding role in fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq
Mexico angry at president’s ‘humiliating’ meeting with Trump
Hurricane Madeline weakens to tropical storm as it nears Hawaii
Trump on Mexican border wall: 'They don't know it yet, but they're going to pay ...
Madeline weakens to tropical storm as nears Hawaii; Hermine approaches Florida

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (Reuters) - Hurricane Madeline weakened to a tropical storm on Wednesday as it advanced toward Hawaii's Big Island, while a hurricane warning was issued for another storm approaching the Gulf Coast of Florida, where the governor has called an emergency.


U.S. resumes scheduled passenger flights to Cuba after more than 50 years

SANTA CLARA, Cuba (Reuters) - The first scheduled commercial passenger flight from the United States to Cuba in more than half a century landed on Wednesday, opening another chapter in the Obama administration's efforts to improve ties and increase trade and travel with the former Cold War foe.


White nationalists use Twitter with 'relative impunity': report
Madeline weakens to tropical storm as it nears Hawaii; Hermine approaches Florida
Five dead after two planes collide mid-air in Alaska
U.S. appeals court rules medical pot cardholders can be denied guns
Lawyers for Texas 'affluenza' teen seek his release from jail
Obama highlights climate progress at home before journey overseas
Pennsylvania man suspected of killing wife after escaping house arrest
Two planes carrying five people collide mid-air in Alaska: media
Georgia grand jury charges white ex-policeman with murdering black man
Ex-Air China worker charged by U.S. for smuggling for Chinese military
Judge tosses $100 million lawsuit against Illinois from unpaid providers
Senators press Mylan on 'exorbitantly expensive' EpiPen
New Jersey Governor Christie vetoes minimum wage hike to $15/hr
Five Chicago officers face firing over slaying of black teen
Tropical Storm Hermine nears Florida, Hawaii on hurricane watch
U.S. urges North Korea to pardon and release American prisoner
Takata parts involved in blast were shipped properly: NTSB
Some U.S. Agriculture Dept offices reopen with increased security
NTSB checks show Takata shipped properly in Texas blast
Virginia Republicans seek to block governor's voting rights restoration
In new opening, U.S. resumes scheduled passenger flights to Cuba
Hannity: Today Was the ‘Best Day’ of Trump’s Campaign

Sean Hannity, one of Donald Trump's biggest cable news supporters, declared tonight that this was probably Donald Trump's best day ever.


Coulter: ‘Trump’s Immigration Speech Is the Most Magnificent Speech Ever Given’
‘There Will Be No Amnesty’: Trump Delivers Big Speech on Immigration
Giuliani Put On a ‘Make Mexico Great Again Also’ Hat Tonight
Mexico Spox: President Mentioned the Wall to Trump, But There Was ‘No Discussion’
Coulter: It’s Fine If Trump Softens Immigration Rhetoric to Not ‘Frighten People’
Go Back to Eating Junk Food Because Your Smoothie Might Give You Hepatitis
Trump Campaign Releases Statement on Mexican Trip, Doesn’t Really Clarify Wall Dispute
WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Gives Major Immigration Speech
Twitter User Finds That Facebook Sticker Feature Produces Misogynistic Result for ‘Feminist’ Search
New Poll Shows Just How Much ‘Softening’ on Immigration Would Impact Opinions of Trump
This Guy Got Caught Stealing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos so he Tried to Burn The Store Down
Watch the First Episode of the Hilarious Chef’s Table Mockumentary That Explores PBJ
Spox for Mexican President Now Claims He and Trump Actually Did Talk About Wall Payment
Why Would the Philadelphia Zoo Have a Naming Contest For a Baby Gorilla Right Now?
Internet Trolls Irate After Fox’s Shep Smith is Honest About Discriminatory Voter ID Laws
Assange Rips the Media for Helping Hillary ‘Put Nooses Around Everyone’s Necks’
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Border Wall Important ‘No Matter Who Pays for It’
Christian Woman Files Suit, Claims State Only Catering to Muslims
Jorge Ramos Rips Mexican President: ‘Weak’ for Not Geting Trump to Apologize for Insults
Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto Speak at Joint Press Conference
Trump: Mexican President and I ‘Didn’t Discuss Payment of the Wall’
Like A Boss – Donald Trump Delivered Stunningly Impressive “America First” Remarks in Mexico
Donald Trump Rally in Everett, Washington (August 30, 2016)
VIDEO: The LONG, LONG, LONG CROWD LINE to see Donald Trump in EVERETT, WA (8/30/16)
Listen as Jesse Jackson destroys the 'Trump's a racist' narrative
GOOGLE - PBS - NYT - CNN all Donate to Clinton Foundation... Then Downplay Clinton Scandals
New York Times’ Top Shareholder Is a Clinton Foundation Donor
Dozens of Hillary Clinton Emails About Benghazi Found in 15,000 Messages She Kept from FBI
Earth Just Narrowly Missed Getting Hit by an Asteroid
Colin Kaepernick’s Mother: He’s Brought Shame To Family
Christie vetoes $15 an hour minimum wage bill pushed by N.J. Democrats
George Washington University hires Muslim convicted of soliciting jihad murder
More reports of clowns in woods in South Carolina
Hillary Clinton refers to Ku Klux Klan leader as “my friend and mentor”
Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police
Venice Beach Ambush: A Beverly Hills Surgeon on Being Pistol-Whipped and Left for Dead
10 amazing ancient wonders that still remain a mystery
MISSOURI: Crowd Gathers After Officer-Involved Shooting... Fires On Officers
Clinton News Network Scrubs 'Crooked' From TrumpTweet
ST LOUIS: Man hurls Molotov cocktail into 70-yr-old woman's car as she drives to church
Muslim Pretends He Is At Mass, Then He Pulls Out An Axe And Attacks The Priest
Report: Google Is Censoring Search Results About Hillary Clinton's Health Issues
Trump: Kaepernick 'should find a country that works better for him'
Why Do I Carry? Because Thugs Like These Will Shoot You For Making Eye Contact
Trump to minority voters: 'I will stop the slaughter'
Daily Mail Editor: Gmail has started classifying every Trump-generated email as spam
VIDEO – Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees
Kidnapped girl gang-raped, killed, fed to gators
SOUTH CAROLINA: School bans American flag from football games... MAY OFFEND OPPOSING TEAM
Fantasy Island: Obama to ratify Paris climate accord himself
Crowd at Trump Ohio Rally: A Sea of Women, Minorities, Independents And Former Democrats (VIDEO)
Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece Endorses DONALD TRUMP – "his plan for urban communities is promising"
Controversy Erupts After Kaepernick Converts To Islam and Refuses To Stand for National Anthem
Germany: Muslim 'shouts Allahu Akbar' as he attacks couple at music festival
YOUTUBE: Hillary Got 4,000 Likes and 17,000 Dislikes for Her KKK Speech
'You should never play in the NFL again'... 49ers fans burn Kaepernick jerseys
Time Magazine: Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to Her Foundation Scandal Is Disastrous
Man who shot NBA star Wade's cousin was on 'break' from ankle monitor, cops say
Where’s Hillary? No Scheduled Events Until Sept. 26th Debate
Media Report: 25% of Current Florida Primary Ballots Never Voted Before, EVER
Donald Trump challenges Hillary to release detailed medical records
Trump Promises to ‘Swiftly’ Remove Criminal Illegals ‘On Day One’
Olympic Champion Claressa Shields Saves Cousin’s Baby From Abortion: “I’ll Adopt Her”
Nosedive: Clinton Drops Seven Points In Three Days
The Bizarre Media Blackout Of Hacked George Soros Documents
Airlines Refused to Fly Critically Ill 3-Year-Old to Doctors… So His Parents Called Donald Trump
Cop says Red Cross told him not to pray with flood victims
Target Cries 'Uncle,' Begs Shoppers to Come Back
FBI: Hillary Used BleachBit Software Designed to ‘Hide Traces Of’ Deleted Emails
White House Won’t Say if It Pays Other Countries to Accept Guantanamo Bay Transfers
Favourite to be next Dutch PM vows to Ban the Koran and Close all mosques
UNBELIEVABLE: US Immigrant Vetting Asks 'Are you a Nazi?' but not 'Are you ISIS?'
White House Struggles to Explain How Blacks are Better Off After 8 Yrs of Democrats
Fla Chamber Poll: Donald Trump 44%, Hillary Clinton 41%, Gary Johnson 9%
MISSISSIPPI: Two Catholic Nuns Stabbed to Death in Their Home
Trump Full NH Speech: 'Secure Borders are Not Racist. Law and Order is Not Prejudice...'
Donald Trump is talking about issues; Hillary Clinton is talking about Donald Trump.
Donald Trump's Policy Book: Crippled America

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