Thursday, 23 February 2017  
Scenes from CPAC 2017


Conservatives are all smiles this week at an annual convention in Washington, celebrating President Donald Trump’s win, but beneath the surface lurk tensions central to how Republicans will govern in the next two years and the 2018 election outlook. At the four-day Conservative Political Action Conference, once a fringe event that is now decidedly in the Republican mainstream, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will drop by to help fire up an estimated 10,000 activists in attendance. Known as CPAC, the event is being held at a new MGM resort and casino located in Maryland, just outside Washington. So Trump, a former casino developer, should feel at home, despite certain unresolved differences with many of his hosts over issues such as trade, taxes and small government.

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Apple's Cook Blasts 'Mind Killing' Fake News


Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for a campaign against fake news. Its purveyors -- largely interested only in getting the most clicks -- are defeating the people who are trying to tell the most truth, he said. Fake news is "killing people's minds in a way," Cook remarked. The worldwide epidemic of fake news requires a crackdown by both government and tech, he suggested.

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