Sunday, 01 May 2016  

Trump supporters were assaulted, police vehicles destroyed, and roads shut down...

ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 32 in Southern Iraq

Two suicide car bombs claimed by Islamic State killed at least 32 people and wounded 75 others in the center of the southern Iraqi city of Samawa on Sunday, police and medics said.


European countries with 'pro-choice' restrictions receive abortion pills by DRONE

In 1999 Rebecca Gompert, a Dutch doctor, launched Women on Waves - a specially constructed mobile clinic on board a ship which carries out non-surgical abortion services in international waters.


Pope Francis is begged for a picture by crowds at Jubilee of Mercy ceremony at The Vatican
Nairobi National Park burns ivory worth £68m in bid to stamp out illegal poaching trade
Shia protesters invade Baghdad's Green Zone breaking into Iraq's parliament
Air strikes pound Syrian city of Aleppo for a NINTH DAY as death toll rises to 250
Former 'star' of ISIS propaganda videos Harry Sarfo reveals why he turned his back on the caliphate
Stuttgart police arrest 400 left wing protesters at AfD party conference in Germany
Nairobi flooding sees six-storey building collapse after 10 days of torrential rain in Kenya
Abortion pills airdropped by DRONE to European countries where it is illegal to have a termination by a female 'pro-choice' doctor 
Video shows captive SeaWorld killer whale repeatedly banging its head 'in distress'
Author Meghann Foye who claims women without children should be allowed a 'ME-ternity'
National Portrait Gallery's Black Chronicles exhibition show black faces in Britain before Windrush
Former Olympic wrestling champion Vyacheslav Oliynyk fights off SEVEN police officers
Hindu Radicals Douse Christian Pastor, Wife With Gasoline to Scare Them Into Converting
Nuns say Katy Perry was wrongly granted permission to buy convent
Author who claims women without children should be allowed a 'ME-ternity' break to focus on their goals bailed on Good Morning America following overwhelming backlash
Donald Trump mocks Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina 'relationship' as Bobby Knight endorses
Dutch government orders 15 million pills amid fears of nuclear accident
Japan's corpse hotels upset some of the neighbours
Cute photos shows Indian elephants push baby over motorway
Church Leader, Whose Wife Was Buried Alive by Chinese Authorities, Wins Land Rights
Hillary Clinton expected to give David Milliband White House job should she win election
Derailed freight train near Washington, D.C., leaks hazardous liquid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A CSX freight train derailed in northeastern Washington, D.C. on Sunday, spilling hazardous liquid near a city subway station, the railroad company said.


Freight train derails in Washington, cars leaking hazardous chemicals

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A CSX freight train derailed on Sunday morning in northeastern Washington DC, with several cars overturned and leaking hazardous liquids near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station, the District of Columbia Fire Department tweeted.


Obama torches Trump at his final Washington correspondents' dinner
Detroit schools can't meet payroll after June 30
Daniel Berrigan, U.S. anti-war priest and poet, dies at 94
For Obama, it's time for one last laugh at annual Washington dinner
Friend of Charleston church shooting suspect pleads guilty to lying
Maryland man charged in bomb threat at Baltimore TV station
Obama takes final bow at star-studded Washington dinner
Five killed in Texas floods as severe weather lashes central U.S.
U.S. West Point academy set for first woman dean in two century history
Ringling elephants, a famed U.S. circus act, pack up trunks for retirement
Brother of San Bernardino shooter arrested with two others
Brady Campaign's ad draws ire of U.S. anti-gun violence activists
U.S. top court declines to block Texas voter identification law
Teenage girl killed in carnival ride incident in Texas - local media
Confederate monument to be removed from University of Louisville campus
U.S. jury finds Immunosyn ex-CEO Ferrone guilty of fraud
U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo
Louisiana prisoner freed after 41 years of unconstitutional life sentence
Colorado woman sentenced to 100 years for cutting fetus from woman
Biden gets papal blessing for his global war on cancer
Cellphone in missing Florida teens case to be reviewed by Apple
Trump Said to Lack Plan for Fundraising, Running Mate Vetting

On the cusp of the Republican nomination, Donald Trump has no blueprint for raising the estimated $1 billion he'd need to take on the Democrats and no process in place to begin vetting vice presidential contenders, according to multiple people familiar with the campaign.He...


Ted Cruz Resists Supporting Trump if He Wins
Cruz: 'Majorities Matter,' Trump Can't Change Rules, Rig System
Trump Campaign: 15 of 16 Delaware Delegates Onboard, Even in Multiple Ballots
Bloomberg: Presidential Candidates on Both Sides Offer Blame, Not Solutions
Pro-Cruz PAC Targets Trump Over Tyson Friendship
David Brooks: GOP at 'Joe McCarthy Moment' Over Trump
Trump: I Don't Need GOP Unity to Win
Former California Gov. Pete Wilson Endorses Ted Cruz
Politico's Ben White: Trump Will Have Goldwater-Style Defeat
US Rep. Jimmy Duncan Endorses Trump for President
Trump Slams Protesters in Calif.: They Were 'Thugs and Criminals'
Rubio Warming Up to Trump: 'His Performance Has Improved Significantly'
Clinton Hiring Staff in Battleground States for General Election
Supreme Court Trying to Find Its Way After Scalia
Cruz, Carly Rip Trump and Hillary: 'Two Sides of the Same Coin'
Huckabee Slams Indiana Gov. Pence's 'Tepid' Cruz Endorsement
Sanders Campaign Withdraws Suit Against DNC Over Data Breach
Rep. Raúl Labrador: Would Be 'Hard' But I'd Support Trump if GOP Nominee
Kasich Calls for Balance on Gay Rights, Religious Beliefs
Kasich on Alliance With Cruz: 'We Did the Right Thing for Ourselves'
New Indiana Poll: Cruz Up by 16 Points Over Trump
Bill Clinton Dimisses Investigation Into Hillary’s E-Mail Server as a ‘Game’

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‘Kind of Dismissive’: Chris Wallace Confronts Trump for Attacking Hillary on ‘Woman Card’
Wilmore Whiffs at WH Correspondents Dinner as Sharpton Condemns Calling Obama the N-Word
‘Republican Voters Are the Ones Rejecting You!’: Chuck Todd Gets Heated with Cruz Over Trump
Cruz: Trump ‘Trying to Perpetuate the Biggest Fraud in the History of Electoral Politics’
Trump on Violent Protesters: ‘These People Have to Be Dealt With Very Strongly’
Wait, What? Inmate Posted Selfies to Facebook While Still in Jail Van
Black Twitter Doesn’t Care What White People Think of Wilmore Saying ‘My N*gga’ to Obama
Watch Ted Cruz Argue With Disabled Man’s Family About Health Care
Don Lemon Jokes About the Finger with Larry Wilmore at WHCD Afterparty
WATCH: Larry Wilmore Hosts 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
Larry Wilmore Reflects on Obama’s Legacy at WHCD: ‘You Did It, My N*gga’
Obama Goes All-Out in Final WHCD Speech: ‘The End of the Republic Has Never Looked Better’
After ‘Alleged Journalist’ WHCD Joke, Don Lemon Gives Larry Wilmore the Finger
WATCH: WHCD Features Video of Obama’s Biggest Gaffes, Most Awkward Moments
CNN’s Stelter: In Many Ways Obama Admin Is ‘The Least Transparent’ Ever
A Possibly Tipsy Josh Earnest Razzes Trump on WHCD Red Carpet
WATCH LIVE: Obama Speaks at 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
WATCH LIVE: 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Red Carpet
WATCH LIVE: Larry Wilmore Hosts 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
WATCH: 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Red Carpet
New Local Law Forces Fines on Parents of School Bullies
Gallup : Now Ted Cruz Most Unfavorable Candidate – Down 16 Points to Trump
Americans Haven't Gotten Raise In 16 Years
Boom times for rent-a-mobs
Target Stock Down 5% ($2.5B), Brand Damaged, Public Rebuke for Men in Little Girl's Room
Trump Supporters Beaten, Bloodied by ‘Mexican-Flag Wavers’ (VIDEO)
Muslim Rapes 3 Women in One Day, Judge Grants Bail - He Goes Out, Tries To Rape Again
Like A Boss: Moonbats Block The Street – So Donald Trump Walks In
Colo. Baker Faces 'Re-Education' Training After State Court Refuses to Take Case
Massive Cartel Human Smuggling Ring Busted in Texas
US weighing under-the-radar routes for Syrian refugees?
More U.S. states face risk from Zika
California Looks to Cover Illegal Immigrants Under Obamacare
The EPA Stashes BILLIONS In Slush Fund-Like Accounts
US-Created System In Iraq Collapsing: Protesters Storm Parliament, State of Emergency Declared
Nursing student robbed and beaten on Chicago 'El' train as other passengers ignore her
Rare Blood Infection Is Killing People in Wisconsin and Michigan
Trump Supporter Walks Through Crowd Of Trump Haters
SURPRISE! Campus Noose Drawing Created By Black Students. NO CHARGES FILED For ‘Hate Crime’
American voters now agree with Donald Trump: He’s the ‘presumptive nominee’ for GOP: poll
Donald Trump blasts California protesters as "thugs and criminals"
Major Victory: Sergeant First Class Martland Exonerated, Will Remain in Military
Mail carrier admits stealing $443,000 in tax refund checks
Bernie Sanders To Cut 'Hundreds Of Campaign Jobs' And Focus On Winning California
Trump warns against ‘false song of globalism’
Trump's Ford Foreign Policy Worked
BROKEN: Just 37% of U.S. High School Seniors Prepared for College Math and Reading
Venezuela: Former Chavistas Risk Lives Fighting over a Bag of Onions
How Can Target Not See the Problem? 18 Sexual Assaults at Target over the last 42 months
In state after state, seriously strong GOP support for Trump's Muslim proposal
Christian school to drop ‘Crusaders’ mascot to avoid offending Muslims
Study: GDP Would Be 25% Bigger If Government Regulations Had Been Capped In 1980
Donald Trump's Very Good Day -- NE Voters Show The Love
State Department Hid Key Clinton Benghazi Email from Judicial Watch
9/11 Memorial guards order children to stop singing national anthem
GROWING: 700,000 boycott TARGET over men in the little girl's room policy
Gay activist, U.S. gov employee hacked to death by Islamists in Bangladesh
Megyn Kelly lands big interview with Donald Trump
Federal Law Prohibits US Funding UN Climate Bureaucracy
Don't Suggest to Hillary She Could Ever Be Behind in Votes
Americans Oppose Men Using Women's Bathrooms, Reuters Polling Finds
Missouri: Muslim migrant threatens to kill family that sponsored him, faces deportation
Hidden Camera: Target Staff Tell Man Dressed as a Man that He Can Use the Ladies Room
Colorado County GOP Chair: Errors with Ted Cruz’s "Win" - Might Need Do-Over
'Woman of the Year' reminds us she still has her johnson
Suspect Throws Meat at Texas Police in High Speed Chase
Federal Complaint Filed Against Ted Cruz For Breaking Campaign Finance Laws
ISIS Hackers Post "Kill List" Of 43 US State Dept Employees
Report: Children of refugees get more federal benefits than poor U.S. kids
Norway to pay asylum seekers extra to return home
GET OFF MY LAWN: Obama’s ‘Over The Top’ Copters Wrecked My Garden Says The Queen
Judicial Watch: New Benghazi Documents Reveal September 11, 2012, Clinton's ‘Call Sheet’
Activating the Sleepers: ISIS Adopts a New Strategy

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