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Unaccompanied Alien Minors Committing Horrific Crimes, Incl Decapitations, Stonings

Gang leaders in El Salvador and Guatemala are establishing a greater presence here for profit through drugs, theft, and extortion. The 2014 mass migration of unaccompanied Central American minors created thousands of new recruits...

'The best country in the world:' Saskatoon celebrates Canada Day

Dressed in red and white and waving Canadian flags, Saskatchewan residents gathered at public events to celebrate Canada Day on Friday. ......


Australia 2016 Election Live Results: Find All Up-To-Date Voting Totals And Live Streaming Coverage For ...

Those in Australia who want to follow live election results will have plenty of options to find up-to-date voting totals for all federal and local races. Voters will take the polls on Saturday in the country's federal election, with the potential for a new Prime Minister as well as races in the Congress and Senate. As the BBC noted, the conservative coalition government is expected to remain in power and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to benefit from the U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union and win over the Labor Party's Bill Shorten, but polls are tight and anything can happen. There are close to 7,000 polling places across the nation, all open from 8...


Scooter Braun Talks Justin Bieber: Singer’s Hiatus Was Braun’s Biggest Obstacle
Dollar Traders See Jobs Data as Obstacle After Post-Brexit Fade
Austria’s highest court orders runoff
New president of Philippines urges killing of addicts
Israel imposes harsh restrictions on Palestinians
116 civilians, 2,500 terrorists killed by drone strikes, U.S. reports
World briefs: Extremist in spotlight for Istanbul attack
Who said it? Donald Trump or Silvio Berlusconi
Winning numbers drawn for $415 million Mega Millions prize
Australia votes in dead-heat election
The Latest: Authorities ID man shot by officer in Wisconsin
2 big explosions heard inside Dhaka restaurant; police official says 5 bodies found
Police: Madison officer fatally shoots man in home invasion
Germany, Turkey at odds over Incirlik base visits
Animals head for freedom as Argentina closes zoo
First Look: Mel Gibson’s World War II Drama ‘Hacksaw Ridge’
AP source: Hawks adding Dwight Howard, keeping Bazemore
Felix cruises, Sanya says goodbye _ and a Bolt from Jamaica
Bangladesh police storm restaurant, some hostages rescued
White Houses releases data on civilian casualties caused during counterterrorism operations
Amid Dhaka terror attack, another Hindu priest stabbed in Bangladesh
North Carolina lawmakers adjourn after leaving transgender law largely unchanged

(Reuters) - North Carolina lawmakers adjourned for the year on Friday night after leaving mostly intact a law restricting transgender bathroom access that has drawn condemnation and jeopardized the state's efforts to host the NBA All-Star Game, officials said.


Mega Millions jackpot grows to $415 million, 10th largest in U.S. history

(Reuters) - The Mega Millions jackpot on Friday grew to $415 million ahead of the 11 p.m. EST evening drawing, making it the 10th largest in U.S. history and the third largest in the game's history, according to lottery officials.


Al Qaeda leader warns of 'gravest consequences' if Boston bomber executed
U.S. Air and Space Museum launches 40th anniversary bash
Illinois man agrees to plead guilty in celebrity hacking case
New York City deploys new explosive-sniffing dogs for fourth July
Lockheed-Boeing rocket venture cuts 350 jobs
Tesla crash raises concerns about autonomous vehicle regulation
California tightens gun control laws, expands assault weapons ban
JJ's Janssen hit with $70 million verdict in Risperdal trial: lawyers
U.S. judge blocks law allowing religion as reason to deny service to LGBT people
DVD player found in Tesla car in May crash: Florida officials
Sleeping driver, terrified granny among Tesla Autopilot users on YouTube
Spirit Airlines flight returns to Detroit after cabin pressure reports
Campaigners welcome news U.S. on track to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees
Federal judge blocks Florida law to end abortion clinic funding
Atlantic City workers at Icahn-operated casino go on strike
U.S. sued over background check error in Charleston church shooting: newspaper
Thousands of structures at risk in northern California wildfire
U.S. expands scope of U.N. bribe case against Macau billionaire
Woman on FBI's top 10 fugitive list captured in North Carolina
Traffic deaths jump 7.7 percent in 2015 to 35,200
Mississippi law allowing denial of services to LGBT people is blocked by federal judge
Mike Huckabee: 'Hillary Is Going to Light Bill Up' Over Lynch Meeting

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said Friday that "Hillary is going to light Bill up over this meeting" with Attorney General Loretta Lynch aboard her private plane this week on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport.


Sarah Palin Gives Name to Republicans Against Trump: 'RAT'
Al Gore's Daughter in Court After Arrest at Pipeline Protest
Newt Shifts Stance on Free Trade, Moving Closer to Trump
Democrats' Draft Platform Calls for Reviews of Trade Deals
Trump Taj Mahal Casino Workers Strike During July 4 Weekend
Poll: Clinton's Lead over Trump Narrows to 9 Points
US Judge Blocks Florida Law to End Abortion Clinic Funding
RNC and Trump Campaign Name State Campaign Finance Chairs
Joe Kennedy Hints at Senate Bid to Succeed Warren
Meghan McCain: Lynch-Clinton Meeting Shows Why Bernie Should Not Quit
Pro-Clinton PAC Returns Illegally Donated Money
Trump Adds to Campaign, Hires Ex-Cruz Strategist
Clinton Campaign Says It Has $44M in Bank for 2016 Race
NBC News: Trump's Indifference Might Cost Him Millions
Dick Morris: Lynch's Decision Removes Hillary's 'Safety Net'
Sanders Looking to Fight at Convention Over Policy Platform Changes
Rasmussen Poll: Warren No Boost to Clinton as VP Pick
WashPo: Lynch-Clinton Meeting Worsens Hillary's Email Problems
Ex-Ambassador Burns: ISIS Not Close to Being 'Defeated Organization'
Sanders Refutes Trump, Says he Does Not Hate Hillary Clinton
Trump Says He Turned Down Request to Speak at All 3 Convention Nights
‘Scoreboard, Bitches!’: Maher Brags to the GOP That Liberal Ideas Are Winning Out

Bill Maher ended his show tonight by contrasting how liberal ideas have thrived in California and how conservative ones haven't done so well in Kansas and Louisiana, telling them, "Scoreboard, bitches!"


Maher Has a Problem with Lynch/Clinton Meeting: She Should Have Said ‘Get Off My Plane’
Batman v Superman Extended Cut Features Cameo from a Certain Fake News Host…
Charleston Church Shooting Victims File Lawsuit Against the FBI Over Gun Sale Error
Limbaugh: Lynch Meeting Shows ‘We Are Being Played’ by the Clintons
MSNBC Terror Analyst: ‘Donald Trump Is the ISIS Candidate’
White House Releases Estimate of How Many Civilians Have Been Killed in Drone Strikes
Clinton Holding Contest For Chance to Give Nomination Speech At Democratic Convention
An Orangutan Caused Panic After Running Loose at Florida Busch Gardens
Trump Asks Turkish Reporter ‘Are You Friend or Foe?’
Fox’s Kim Guilfoyle Calls Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Gaffe ‘Law School Flunk Out 101’
Undercovered: One of the Estimated 12,800 Transgender Service Members in the U.S. Military
State Dept. Accused of ‘Wildly Miscalculating’ Number of Clinton Emails, Dragging Out FOIA Request
Ex-RNC Chair Isn’t Supporting Trump, Prays for a ‘Miracle in Cleveland’
‘Worse Than Goldwater’ — New Poll Shows Trump At Record-High Unfavorability
Hillary Clinton Has Exclusive Emojis But Some of Them Are Pretty Questionable
Trump Delegates Want to Bring Guns to Convention to Defend It From ISIS
Daily Caller, Buzzfeed Writers Hysterically Spar in ‘Battle of the Assholes’ on Twitter
Of All the Public Figures Known For Bad Choices, You Won’t Believe Who’s Writing an Advice Book
Veterans Groups Blast NRA’s Pro-Trump Benghazi Ad: ‘Don’t Use Our Dead to Score Political Points’
‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Halts Shooting in South Carolina Club
AG Lynch Just Made the Case For Why She Must Recuse Herself From Clinton Email Investigation
FBI: People knew Chattanooga, TN shooter was a radicalized muslim, failed to alert authorities
Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” take hostages in restaurant
NM: Forest Service confirms Federal brush clearing started Dog Head Fire that destroyed a dozen homes
Islamist Couple Shouting “Allah Akbar!” Attack French Soup Kitchen Manager with Axe
Shocking: Disabled Teen Returning From St. Jude's Hospital Bloodied and Arrested by TSA
ISIS Terrorist Behind Istanbul Airport Attack Was A "Refugee" Protected By Europe
Japanese Court Rules Blanket Surveillance Of Muslims Is ‘Necessary’ To Stop Terrorism
HAPPENING NOW: Police are battling gunmen in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka
Switzerland denies citizenship to Muslim immigrant girls who refuse to assimilate
Obama, in Canada, Praises Globalism, Rejects 'Bygone Days' of National Glory
MERKEL'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as 'people want to be free of EU'
Want a Gun-Free Zone? Tennessee Says That’s on You: LITERALLY
Obama: I'm Still Not Enforcing Immigration Law, No Matter What The Supreme Court Says
No, Loretta Lynch Is Not ‘Recusing Herself’ from Emailgate
Towns crack down on American pride
NY Cafe told to remove 'God Bless America' banner
Trump 'Looking At' Replacing Hijab-Wearing TSA Agents with Veterans
George Carlin - Political Correctness is Fascism Pretending to be Manners
Al Qaeda leader threatens 'gravest consequences' if Boston bomber executed
DWI Driver Who Impaled Pedestrian and Drove Home Is Illegal Alien
Brother and sister arrested after police find $24 MILLION cash hidden in their Miami home
Human Smugglers Hail Uber Drivers to Take Migrants to U.S.-Mexico Border
Disney World is erasing all evidence of alligators and crocodiles
Man Charged With Recording Girls In Bedford, NH Target Fitting Room
Hillary Spent $26 Million on Ads in June – Trump Spent $0 => Leads Hillary by 4 Points
Judicial Watch Asks Justice Inspector General to Investigate Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Meeting
US accepts record number of Syrian refugees in June despite terrorist screening worries
300,000 African Migrants Headed for Europe
SICK: Refugees with Active TB Peppered Throughout the US
Supreme Court Justice Alito: 'Those Who Value Religious Freedom Have Cause for Great Concern'
Texas Judge Uses Naturalization Ceremony to Bash Trump and Guns
King Tut's Dagger Made of Extraterrestial Material
More Americans in Favor of Trump’s Temporary Muslim Immigration Ban
Benghazi Bombshell: No Evidence of Obama’s ‘Three Directives’
Full Transcript: Donald Trump's Jobs Plan -- No NAFTA, No TPP, AMERICA FIRST
Update on Twin Falls, Idaho "Rapefugee" case: Victim and family terrified in aftermath
US Courts Say Living by Christian Faith is Illegal
BREXIT NOT OVER: Tsunami of 34 referendums set to rock EU
World's first 'robot lawyer' overturns 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York
Idaho Refugee Rape: Obama Justice Official Threatens Americans Who Criticize Migrant Programs
That Florida Zika Baby is Not a Florida Baby - It's a Haitian Anchor Baby
Attackers Pull Pregnant Wendy’s Worker Out Drive-Thru Window, Pummel Her Over Straws
Muslim Community Donates $87,000 To Family of Orlando Shooter
LAWYERS: Brexit Not Up To 'People'
Some Americans on the ISIS Kill List Were Not Informed as Promised
For Some Reason Democrats’ Benghazi Report Mentions Donald Trump 23 Times
Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Like Walls -- Unless They're His -- Hawaiian Neighbors PO'd
England Dodged a Bullet: EU to Require Countries to Surrender Armies, Economic Sovereignty
What are UN Military Trucks Doing in Virginia? White UN 'combat vehicles' Spotted on Interstate
Warren Could Easily Prove Indian Heritage wiith a DNA Test
NBC/WSJ Poll: Half Of Voters Distrust Government On Gun Control After Orlando Terror Attack
How American Presidents From Washington To Lincoln Agree on US Trade Policy
VIDEO: Hillary and Huma Come Out on Pride Day
VIDEO: Muslim Woman at LAX Threatens to Bomb America
Dem Party Platform Calls For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics
Trump, Clinton in statistical tie (NBC/WSJ poll)
Donald Trump's Policy Book: Crippled America

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