Saturday, 28 May 2016  
Hillary Clinton Clinches Democrat Nomination

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has revealed that the major television networks plan to call the Democrat primary for Clinton during the day on June 7th — hours prior to the close of polls in California — on the grounds that Clinton has “clinched” the nomination as soon as she crosses the 2,383-delegate threshold...

Wild spring storm in Paris; 11 hit by lightning

The Latest on the lightning strike that struck 11 people at a park in Paris. (all times local): 6:20 p. ......


11 hit by lightning in a Paris park

A Paris city councilor says at least half a dozen children have been hit by lightning in a Paris park after a sudden storm overtook their birthday party. ......


Katie Couric gun control film entangled in #Gungate and a question of ethics
Thelma Louise hit the tropics
Man charged 9 years after bomb left in NC Walmart
China Promoting Tourism for Disputed Paracel Islands
11 Hit by Lightning in a Paris Park; 8 of Them Children
In Capturing Drama of the ’86 Mets, Videographers Were Left Captivated
Trump and Boris, a Seesaw and Immigration
8 Russian athletes test positive in 2012 doping retests
Sea Shepard founder Paul Watson rams whalers for a living
Trump dismisses Obama's visit to Hiroshima
Giant Scottish caterpillar web draws tourists
Iraqi Sunni politicians reject visit by Iran's Soleimani to Falluja
Italian, Irish ships save more than 500 migrants Saturday
Airbus Helicopters denies gearbox may have caused Norway crash
Sri Lanka says 100 missing in landslides are dead
Malaysia accepts 68 Syrian refugees
Philippine police, vigilantes shoot dead six drug suspects
No ground to postpone Rio Olympics over Zika fears
Supreme Court to weigh death sentence for Akron killer of 2
Democrats crowd race for Public Lands Commissioner
New internet sensation from Pakistan
Bathroom lawsuit could send transgender rights to Supreme Court

(Reuters) - A lawsuit brought by Texas and other states against the Obama administration's policy on bathroom access may move the United States closer to a resolution on transgender rights by putting the issue on a trajectory for the Supreme Court.


Florida man arrested for fatal shooting of woman in front of children

(Reuters) - A Florida man accused of fatally shooting a mother in front of her children and later wounding his former boss, was arrested by a SWAT team after a seven-hour standoff with police in an Orlando suburb, authorities said.


Tropical storm forming in Atlantic cuts path toward South Carolina
Vintage plane crashes in New York's Hudson River, pilot killed
Once dismissed, shark attacks may hit new record in 2016
Portland schools failed protocols over high lead levels in water
Vintage plane crashes in New York's Hudson River, body recovered
Washington planners look beyond U.S.' crowded 'front lawn'
Dr. Heimlich, 96, saves choking woman with namesake maneuver
Vintage plane crashes in New York's Hudson River
Slaying of Colorado prison chief ordered by neo-Nazi gang - report
U.S. 'concerned' about Libyan-Americans on trial in UAE: official
Vintage plane goes down in New York's Hudson River
Small plane goes down in New York's Hudson River
Three current and former U.S. Navy officers charged in bribery case
First 2016 U.S. tropical storm warning issued for South Carolina
U.S. deportation raids target Central American families: lawyers
Illinois lawmakers focus on funding fix for Chicago schools
At least two killed, others missing in Texas flooding
Illinois man charged with making bombs to attack U.S. government
Vietnamese man gets 40 yrs in U.S. prison for al Qaeda support
Vietnamese member of al Qaeda offshoot gets 40 years in U.S. prison
Bathroom lawsuit could send transgender rights to Supreme Court
Paul Ryan on Trump: GOP 'Further Down the Unity Path' Than Democrats

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Saturday that he and Donald Trump are still speaking about how to "get on the same page" when it comes to principles and policies the Republican Party can unify under, but insisted that Democrats and the ongoing battle between Hillary Clinton...


Sanders: 'Terrible Idea' to Recruit Biden if Clinton is Indicted
Trump's San Diego Rally Draws More than 1,000 Chanting Protesters
Trump Aides Believe Their Offices Are Bugged
Kissinger Refutes Trump Claim of Support for Foreign Policy
Sarah Palin at Trump Rally: GOP, Media Want You to 'Feel Stupid'
Ed Rendell: Dems Short About $10 Million for Philadelphia Convention
Anti-Trump Protests Overshadow Candidate's San Diego Rally
Illinois Governor Vetoes Bill to Ease Chicago Pension Payments
Iowa Court Rules Teens Cannot Be Sentenced to Life Without Parole
Rep. Darrell Issa Lauds Trump, Spotlighting 'Reaganesque' Traits
Cameron Happy to Meet Trump, Sees US Relationship Continuing
Trump Tells California: 'There Is No Drought'
Atlantic City Rescue Bills Will Be Enacted by Governor Christie
Sanders Disappointed After Trump Pulls out of Debate
Trump: It Would be 'Inappropriate' To Debate Sanders
Trump on Obama: 'I Think I Got Him Rattled'
McConnell: Presidents 'Don't Get to Do Anything You Want to'
Spicer: Trump Bringing Around 'Blue Shade of Purple' States
CNN's Chris Cuomo: Trump Can't Meet Energy Policy Promises
Fiorina to Hillary: 'I'm a Woman and I'm Not Voting for You'
Carson: Trump-Sanders Debate Would Show Young People Dangers of Socialism
Sanders Camp Wants Hillary ‘Attack Surrogates’ Removed from Dem Convention Committees

Bernie Sanders will most likely not be the Democratic nominee for president, but the Democrats have allowed him to pick people for the DNC convention platform committee. But he has some objections to two members of convention committees who are firmly in Hillary Clinton's camp.


This Congressman Gives Worst Anti-LGBT Speech Yet with Silly Space Colony Scenario
Family of Kate Steinle Files Wrongful Death Suit Against San Francisco, Federal Agencies
Cenk Uygur to Sanders: Would You Support a Third Party Candidate Over Hillary?
‘I Tried’: Rubio Got Combative on Twitter Yesterday Over Trump
Sarah Palin Just Gave Hillary Clinton The Perfect Nickname For Donald Trump
Blue Lives Matter Law: Good Intent, But Utterly Ridiculous, Bad Law
Tweeters Use #ChickenTrump to Commemorate Trump/Sanders Debate Cancelation
Maher Imagines What Commencement Speeches Will Be Like in 2041
Bill Maher: Hillary and Bill ‘Got Used to Being Able to Fool Rubes’ in Arkansas
WATCH: Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher Talk About the Canceled Trump Debate and More
ICYMI: Video of Ice Cream Store Manager Kicking Out Man Yelling At Hijabi Women Goes Viral
Daily Caller Reports That Obama Will One Day Live a Few Blocks Away From a Mosque
Trump: ‘I Would Like To’ Avoid Bringing Up Clintons’ Marital Problems
The Protests Outside Donald Trump’s Rally in San Diego Are Getting Rowdy
Trump Supporter: Anti-Trump Republicans Should Air Their Grievances in Private
Report: Gawker Gets Its Own Billionaire Backer For Hulk Hogan Lawsuit Appeal
College Officials Bemoan How ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ben Shapiro’s Speech Left Students ‘Brutalized’
Bernie Sanders On Why He Doesn’t Attack Hillary on FBI Probe: ‘I Don’t Have To’
In Tied Spelling Bee, Fox Panel Sees Moral Decline of America
Funny Or Die Takes on Aggressive Male Feminists and Safe Spaces in One Video
Berned Again: HIV/AIDS Activists Say Bernie Sanders ‘Misled’ Public and ‘Exploited’ Their Meeting
On Memorial Day Remember Benghazi
Feds pouring Muslim migrants into Rand Paul's hometown
Citizenship applications soar in Trump's wake
Inside only European village where migrants are BANNED: Uber-rich Oberwil-Lieli, Switzerland
Family of Kate Steinle files lawsuit over deadly shooting on San Francisco pier
McAuliffe, The Chinese Donor, and Hillary Clinton
Donald J. Trump Statement on Debating Bernie Sanders
Meet Your New Co-worker: The Robot
Phony Elizabeth Warren Listed As Harvard’s First “Woman of Color” In 1997 Article
Energy Speech Leaves North Dakotans 'Drunk On Trump'
Donald Trump Reveals "America First Energy Plan" (Energi is Security)
Muslims Strip, Beat, and Parade Elderly Christian Woman
WAR: Donald Trump Protests in Fresno, San Diego Get Violent (PICS AND VIDS)
Trump Tells California 'There Is No Drought'
SF Moves to Require Long Guns to be Locked up in Home
Cassandra Butts, former deputy White House counsel, dies
Guardian admits reporter fabricated stories
MMA legend Tito Ortiz endorses Donald Trump, chants 'build that wall' at rally
Celebs who vow to leave the country if Trump becomes president
The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.
Donald Trump FULL Press Conference After Reaching 1,237 Delegates
RNC: Trump hasn't closed the deal—WE still decide who the nominee will be
Possible electoral fraud in Austrian presidential election
Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Email IG Report ‘Devastating’
Donald Trump would allow Keystone XL pipeline and end Paris climate deal
'I was molested and passed around': Corey Feldman describes his ordeal at the hands of Hollywood
ALBUQUERQUE: Police seeking tips about 30 violent ‘thugs’ at anti-Trump rally
ABC, CBS, Fox News Express Interest in Trump-Sanders Debate
Dad pulls kids out of elementary school so they don't have to share restroom with transgender
Marco Rubio Willing to Speak for Donald Trump at Convention, and Release his Delegates
5 Ways Capitalist Chile is Much Better Than Socialist Venezuela
New York City is about to become a lot more disgusting
President snaps at reporter asking about Hillary Clinton’s emails
Obama Frets, "World Leaders are Rattled"... Trump Says, 'Good'
Memorial Day Crosses for Veterans Remove over Over ONE COMPLAINT
Muslim Refugees is a Permanent Crisis - the only solution is to shut the door
‘Get off the stage!’ Crowd yells at commencement speaker after she uses Spanish, bashes Trump
Protesters at Trump rally riot, attack cops
Anti-Trump thugs shout 'Viva Mexico' while burning American flag
Protesters Assault Disabled Donald Trump Supporter Attending Rally in a Wheelchair
Trump hits New Mexico governor, calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"
Paul Ryan’s Hijra (Islamic Invasion by Immigration)
‘Money Laundering Scheme’: Trump Adviser Reads from ‘Clinton Cash’ at Albuquerque Rally
Trump victory road paved by New Mexico rioters: Cal Thomas
Bees Chase Car for Two Days to Rescue Their Queen
DOJ Documents Reveal Widespread Use of Fast and Furious Weapons by Major Mexican Drug Cartels
NYC Recognizes 31 "Genders"
New Record Set for Syrian Immigrant Approvals: 225 IN ONE DAY
Price of corn flour in Venezuela soars 900 percent
AP: Hillary drops gender argument after study shows no one’s interested and no one cares
Border Patrol Locked out of Indian Reservation Known for Mexican Drug Trafficking
Dem Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Ban A President Trump From Banning Muslims
Random Audits for Homeschoolers?
Donald Trump wins Washington primary
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