Friday, 23 March 2018
White Woman Who Thought She Was Black Tells All In Her Book ‘Seventy Years Of Blackness’

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Verda Byrd finally tells her story in her book, Seventy Years of Blackness published on December 8, 2017. The book by the American gives details about growing up as an "African American" before discovering that she was white. Verda Byrd's remarkable story was uncovered and publicized in the media in 2015. The author was invited to various TV and radios shows to share her experience post-discovery and how her perception of her assumed and actual race had affected her life.
Byrd was born September 27, 1942, in Kansas City, Kansas, to Earl and Daisy Beagle, , according to People. Earl Beagle abandoned the family and Daisy was left to cater for the children. However, after a trolley accident, Daisy could no longer take care of the children. The children were given up to foster care and at age 2, Ray and Edwinna Wagner adopted Jeanette and named her Verda.

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