Thursday, 18 January 2018
How To Get Pregnant In New Year 2018: UK Women Are Having McDonald’s Fries After Sex To Increase Chances

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Millions of married couples in the U.K. will be in bed early on January 2, which is considered the National Baby-Making Day. To be specific, they need to have sex at 10:36 p.m. to have their best chance to conceive.
According to statistical records, the most common day for a baby to be born in the U.K. is September 26. That is why January 2, which falls exactly 38 weeks before the due date, is the most popular day among those who are planning a baby.
People around the world try a lot of weird stuff to get pregnant. Still, the latest hack may come as a surprise to many.
A number of women believe the chance of them getting pregnant increases if they eat McDonald's fries right after having sex. A recent research reveals that three percent of women in U.K. believe eating McDonald's fries immediately after sex increases their chances of pregnancy. Science, however, has no evidence to support the claim.

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