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Possible Signs Of Alien Life Detected By Stephen Hawking Project

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Source: www.rt.com
Source: www.rt.com

Signs of alien life have possibly been spotted during the ongoing research orchestrated by those working on the Stephen Hawking project, Breakthrough Listen. The astronomers, who conduct each experiment over a 30-minute period, detected 15 FRBs (fast radio bursts) occurring repeatedly from a dwarf galaxy located a distance of three billion light years away from Earth.
According to the New York Daily News, the was one of Stephen Hawking's main objectives when he first founded Breakthrough Listen back in July of 2015. The program itself is the world's most heavily funded program in which scientists search for extraterrestrial beings. One of Breakthrough Listen's biggest monetary contributors is Yuri Milner, the Russian internet billionaire whose net worth currently sits around at $3.5 billion. He earned most of his riches having founded Digital Sky Technologies, a highly successful investment firm based in Hong Kong.

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