Thursday, 24 May 2018
Chili Grower Defends Carolina Reaper Amid Controversy, Explains How World’s Hottest Pepper Should Be Eaten

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A U.K.-based chili grower who specializes in growing Carolina Reapers issued a statement in defense of the world's hottest pepper over the weekend, in the aftermath of reports that a man was hospitalized for intense "thunderclap" headaches after he consumed the pepper in a chili eating contest.
In an interview with Sky News, Bedfordshire, U.K., chili grower Salvatore Genovese explained that he any reports of customers being hospitalized after consuming the Carolina Reaper peppers his farm has sold. He added the super-hot pepper is not meant to be consumed raw and that it should be cooked and used in small amounts due to its extreme heat.
"It's not really designed to... just plonk it in your mouth and eat it... I would never do that and I wouldn't recommend it," said Genovese.

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