Thursday, 24 May 2018
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Screening Gets Weird When Crazed Man Starts Screaming About God, Waving Arms

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A recent screening of Avengers: Infinity War went off the rails for theater-goers in California, after a crazed man decided the Marvel movie was the perfect time and place to start preaching about God. For reasons that aren't particularly clear, the sermon caused a panic, with some people fleeing the theater in terror.
As The Long Beach Press-Telegram , Harkins Mountain Grove 16 in Redlands, California, was the scene of chaos Thursday night. After the Avengers movie ended, moviegoer Susie Arias said, a patron felt the Holy Spirit and decided to start preaching.
"As soon as the movie was over, this guy starts yelling, preaching and talking about repenting from our sins."
The strange after-credits scene caused a panic and drove theater patrons out of the show.
"When he starts taking about guaranteeing our right to heaven and paying for our sins today, I think that's when mass hysteria hit and some people started running out."

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