Thursday, 18 October 2018 Hurricane Michael: first death reported in Florida as thousands lose power – live

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  • Storm intensifying as it makes landfall near Mexico Beach
  • 300,000 households and businesses without power
  • Main story:

Is climate change making hurricanes worse? The short answer is yes.
The Guardian’s Daniel Levitt and Niko Kommenda have built this interactive to show the worrying long-term picture. They write:
Two common measures used to judge whether hurricanes are becoming worse are the number of storms per year and the strength of each storm. Based on the total number of named storms, there has been an increase since the start of the 20th century.
Category 5 hurricanes are the most severe but also the most rare – there have been just three in the past decade.
But these hurricanes aren’t the only category of storm that cause significant damage. showed us last year that a category 4 storm can last for several days and dump historic volumes of rain to almost .

Authorities have warned motorists to stay off the roads even after the storm has passed, warning that in one stretch of Thomasville Road in Tallahassee alone, there are more than a dozen downed utility poles.

This mangled utility pole is just one of more than a dozen lying along Thomasville Road north of I-10 rn.

Authorities say a Florida Panhandle man was killed by a falling tree as Hurricane Michael tore through the state.
Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anglie Hightower says they received a call around 6 pm Wednesday, saying a tree had crashed through the roof of the man’s Greenboro home and trapped him.

Hurricane Michael has been downgraded to a category 2 storm, with 100 mph maximum winds. When it made landfall roughly six hours ago it was a category four storm with sustained winds of 155 mph.
Wind speeds are: 67mph in Albany, Georgia, 61mph at Tallahassee international airport and 60mph in Dothan, Alabama.

Hi, this is Kate Lyons taking over from my colleague Patrick Greenfield. It’s now roughly 7:30pm in Tallahassee and I’ll be bringing you updates as the night continues.

Here is the full National Hurricane Center update.

Here is the 7 PM EDT position update for - Eye of moving through southwestern Georgia

Over 311,000 homes and businesses in Florida, Georgia and Alabama are without power because of the hurricane, according to local power companies. Michael is now a category 3 hurricane but raged through the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4. Outages could last for several days, authorities have been eager to show they are prepared for the cleanup.

Utility companies have nearly 19,000 personnel staged to begin power restoration. Getting power back on is absolutely critical to our recovery and response efforts- this is a top priority.

We are assisting linemen and tree surgeons stage from all over the Southeast. As soon as it is safe to do so, they will be headed to the panhandle. Help will be on the way.

The National Hurricane Center says the eye of Michael is now moving over Seminole county in southwestern Georgia. The storm surge along the coast of the Florida Panhandle is also a big concern, with reports of floods nearly 5ft deep.

Heavy rainfall from could produce life-threatening flash
flooding from the Florida Panhandle & Big Bend regions into
portions of southeast Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, and southeast
Virginia. See the latest forecasts for more details:

The eye of before the storm made landfall on the Florida panhandle. This image was taken by around noon on Oct. 10, 2018 as the orbited over the Gulf of Mexico.

Our reporter Jamiles Lartey is hunkered down off I-10 in Marianna Florida, where Michael’s eye passed directly over. He sends this in via SMS, as the storm has all but knocked out mobile internet access.
It was around 3:00 PM in Marianna when the most brutal part of Michael passed over this Florida town. The wind whipped and howled, bowing windows and stripping roofing off the buildings in a small corridor of hotels off RT 71. Flash floods waters pooled as trees swayed and splintered, somehow mostly managing to stay upright as they shed branches and leaves. Then, in a matter of minutes, an eerie calm. Folks walked into the streets to survey damage as the sky lightened. “How’s the car?” one man screamed across a hotel parking lot. “Fine I guess” his wife yells back. Across the street, the clearing visibility reveals that a high sitting sign for Microtel, at least 40ft up, didn’t survive the winds. Its panels are gone and its frame sits crooked.

President Trump has continued campaigning for the midterms despite the hurricane. He’s been at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania and said it would have been “very unfair” to cancel the event for his supporters.

Couldn’t let these great people down. They have been lined up since last night - see you soon Pennsylvania!

ABC anchor David Muir has posted a video from his hotel room in Panama City, Florida, where he says the wind blew out a window.

View from my room. Window blew out - stunning flooding. Panama City.

FEMA are reminding people to find safe places to shelter as the hurricane heads inland towards Georgia where falling trees could pose a danger in strong winds.

It’s extremely important to keep sheltering in a safe place and to stay aware as continues to move inland!

A pilot’s view of the eye wall of from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter mission today. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lt. Col. Sean Cross, 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron pilot.)

Hello to wherever you’re joining us from. I’m Patrick Greenfield and I’m taking over coverage from Erin.
Hurricane Michael, the third most powerful storm to ever hit the US mainland, has made landfall in Florida. Videos on social media show hug waves and widespread damage along the Gulf of Mexico coastline in the state.

Here are two more eye-popping images of seen from today. Left image shows the Cat. 4 making landfall. Right image shows Michael's precipitation shield at 3:30 pm ET as the storm began moving inland. Latest:

Hurricane Michael has been downgraded to a category 3 hurricane and its eye is now approaching southeast Alabama and southwest Georgia.
The storm is moving at 16 mph as of 4pm, the National Hurricane Center, and its sustained winds are at 125mph.

Lifeguards had to save three children who were playing in the water at a South Carolina beach as the storm approached, the Associated Press reported.
A 15-year-old and two 9-year-olds were playing on boogie boards off Hilton Head Island around 12:15pm when waves whipped up by the storm pulled them away from shore, according to Beaufort County Emergency Management Division Commander Neil Baxley.

The number of households without power is now up to 118,789, Gulf Power.
That’s more than a quarter of the total customers in the service area.

With its 155mph winds at landfall, Hurricane Michael is the storm to hit the continental US since Hurricane Andrew devastated south Florida in 1992.

History is made.

Radar data indicate that the eye of Michael is now moving inland over portions of Jackson County in the Florida Panhandle and is nearing Interstate 10, the National Hurricane Center.
The storm has weakened only slightly as it moves over land, with sustained winds at 140 mph.

A downed tree limb broke through a window and hit a woman in the head in Franklin County, Florida, the county’s sheriff said.
Sheriff AJ Smith told CNN authorities received a 911 call about the injury, but ambulances had evacuated and were not able to respond. Officials in multiple jurisdictions had previously warned that emergency services would be unavailable at the height of the storm.

There’s severe damage in Mexico Beach, Florida near where the hurricane made landfall. Homes are fully submerged.

A look at what houses in Beach, look like right now. This is a follow up from the previous clip posted. They are now submerged and were no match for (via Tessa Talarico)

Damage from Hurricane in Mexico Beach, FL.

Hurricane damage pictures starting to come in from the Panama City, FL area.

The eye of Michael is moving inland over portions of Bay and Calhoun counties in the Florida Panhandle, per the 3pm from the National Hurricane Center.
“Everyone in these areas is reminded not to venture out into the relative calm of the eye, as hazardous winds will increase very quickly as the eye passes!” the center wrote.

Our Jamiles Lartey dropped by the Kindel Lanes bowling alley in Marianna, Florida, where owner Jeff Kindelspire invited his neighbors, who live in mobile homes, to join him and ride out the storm.
A group of a half dozen neighbors were munching on burgers and watching storm news on TV.

Mobile home residents are some of the most vulnerable when hurricanes hit... But it's less daunting when, like Jeff Kindelspire, you also own a local bowling alley. He invited some of his neighbors to ride out the storm with him at Kindel Lanes like he's been doing since 1980.

While the panhandle is taking the hardest hit, other parts of Florida are also seeing the effects of the storm.
There’s been some flooding in the Tampa Bay area, more than 300 miles from where the storm’s eye made landfall.

And streets are starting to flood in Tarpon Springs. This is Dodecanese Blvd.

An hour and a half or so before high tide, the water is coming up here in a New Port Richey neighborhood by the Pithlachascotee River — several neighbors parking cars on one piece of high ground

Everything in Marianna, Florida closed down for the storm, the Guardian’s Jamiles Lartey reports – including the local Waffle House.
That’s a bad sign: Fema informally uses a “Waffle House Index” to determine the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery, since the restaurant often stays open when others close.

The Waffle House is also closed. Bad News. FEMA informally uses a "Waffle House Index" to determine the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery. Waffle Houses often stay open when other restaurants close, and can be a refuge for hungry patrons.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, the National Hurricane Center says.
The storm is still as it makes landfall. It now carries sustained winds of 155 mph.

Hurricane has made landfall just northwest of Mexico Beach, Florida. The latest public advisory is available on the NHC website:

Here’s a view of the eye of Michael from outer space, shared by a US astronaut.

A view of the eye of from , currently orbiting Earth on the :

Landfall of the eye of Hurricane Michael is “imminent”, says the latest from the National Hurricane Center.
The eyewall is coming ashore along the coast of the Florida Panhandle between St Vincent Island and Panama City.

Here is the 12 PM CDT position update for : Eyewall of Michael coming ashore along the coast of the Florida Panhandle between St. Vincent Island and Panama City. Do not venture out into the eye when it passes!

There are now 77,874 households without power, according to an outage from Gulf Power.
The biggest outages are in the area around Panama City, with more than 73,000 customers with electricity out.

Donald Trump says he will likely go forward with a campaign rally planned for Wednesday night in Pennsylvania despite the storm.
He said he would travel to the affected area later, likely Sunday or Monday.

Fema administrator Brock Long and homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen briefed Donald Trump on the hurricane at the White House.
“This started out very innocently a week ago. This was a small storm,” Trump said. “It grew into a monster.”

Video posted by meteorologist Marc Weinberg shows a newly constructed building collapsing in heavy wind in Panama City Beach.

New construction just collapsed in front of me in Panama City Beach from !!! It is going bad fast!

During an emergency few things are more critical than cell phone service. For the cell reception is their only means of communication with the outside world when wired internet goes down, and their primary means of obtaining important safety information.
What happens when the power that those cell phone rely on gets interrupted?

Hurricane Michael has gotten even stronger – with sustained winds now reaching 150mph, according to another update from the National Hurricane Center.
And the National Weather Service in Tallahassee says it has issued its first-ever “extreme wind warning”.

The situation is about to get serious in parts of Bay, Gulf, and Franklin county. We've issued our first ever Extreme Wind Warning. This means wind gusts in excess of 130 MPH are expected as makes landfall in the next few hours. Shelter in place IMMEDIATELY.

The town of Mexico Beach, Florida has lost power, its mayor said.
The town of 1,200 people is now seeing sustained winds of 40-50mph with gusts over 60mph, Mayor Al Cathey told CNN.

The core of the “extremely dangerous” Hurricane Michael was closing in on the Florida Panhandle, the National Hurricane Center said in its 11am .
Life-threatening storm surge, hurricane force winds and heavy rainfall are “imminent”.

Here’s an update from Richard Luscombe in Miami:
Storm experts at AccuWeather are predicting that the bill for damages and the economic fall-out of Hurricane Michael could be close to $30bn.

Here’s a map showing the projected path of Hurricane Michael.

Photos sent to the Tallahassee Democrat show flooded streets and falling tree branches in Apalachicola, Florida.

Photos and videos I received from Seth Silva who lives on 4th Avenue in Apalachicola. You can see in the first photo that Avenue I is floooded and in the second, tree branches are falling.

Hurricane Michael’s first strong band is now rolling through Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, according to the National Weather Service, with gusts of wind at 60mph.

First strong band is rolling through Tallahassee and surrounding areas as it moves off to the north and west. Expect strong winds with gusts around 60 mph.

Hathaway Bridge, the main bridge connecting Panama City to neighboring Panama City Beach, has been due to winds over 50mph.
Here’s an image of rising waters in the area of the bridge.

According to this is the east site of the Hathaway Bridge along US98 by the Simpson Boat Ramp. Follow for the latest information in Bay County.

Because of deteriorating weather conditions due to Hurricane Michael, The Florida Highway Patrol has deemed Hathaway Bridge as too dangerous to cross. It is closed. Please DO NOT attempt to get out onto Bay County roads. There is a Shelter in Place order for Bay County.

Tropical storm conditions are now spreading across the Florida Panhandle as Michael approaches, the National Hurricane Center says in its latest issued at 10am eastern time.
Water levels are rising quickly along the coast of the panhandle. A National Ocean Service water level station at Apalachicola recently reported over 4ft of inundation above ground level.

The storm has forced air traffic to re-route around the Gulf of Mexico.

has forced traffic to reroute around the Gulf of Mexico. The two main Florida <> points west airways, Q100 and Q102, have the storm right through them. This is traffic out of IAH and DFW going to MIA/PBI/FLL at the moment.

Water has begun to swamp some highways in Florida. The Florida department of transportation posted a video of storm surge topping a sea wall and flowing onto US 98 in Gulf county.

Surge from Hurricane Michael at Stump Hole on US 98 in Gulf County has intensified in the past 12 hours.

Storm activity is intensifying along the coastal areas with this area of US 98 just east of SR 65 near Franklin County School.

Georgia is also expected to absorb a blow from Hurricane Michael, Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) administrator Brock Long warned at a press conference Wednesday morning.
He said the storm will be one of the worst that southern Georgia has seen in decades, and people there should “wake up and pay attention”.

Water is rising in Rock Landing, Florida, according to the National Weather Service.

Storm surge picture from this morning around 6:30am near Rock Landing Florida (near Panacea). Can't stress this enough, these impacts from the surge is only the beginning, it's going to get higher!

We are closely monitoring couplets in that may contain embedded tornadoes. Please pay attention to the latest warnings from our office and be ready to take action.

With rain already drenching the area from the fast-moving storm, officials are warning residents Wednesday morning not to try to move if they haven’t already evacuated.
“What we’re trying to communicate to our folks is: You’ve made your decision. It’s time to hunker down and ride out this storm,” Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum CNN.

“Communities are going to see unimaginable devastation,” Florida governor Rick Scott said at a storm press conference Wednesday morning.
Medical teams are standing by, with 90 ambulances at the ready, Scott said. There are 19,000 workers stage to help restore power after the storm.

Florida governor Rick Scott says he has just spoken with Donald Trump, who offered federal aid to deal with the massive storm.

Just spoke with to give him an update on Hurricane Michael. He offered any federal resources necessary as we prepare to respond to this massive and catastrophic storm.

Hurricane Michael strengthened overnight into a dangerous category 4 hurricane, and is headed for Florida – the strongest storm to ever hit the Florida Panhandle.
“This storm can kill you,” Governor Rick Scott has .

The time for evacuating along the coast has come and gone. First responders will not be able to come out in the middle of the storm. If you chose to stay in an evacuation zone, you must SEEK REFUGE IMMEDIATELY.

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