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  • Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas lost power after flooding
  • Police to enforce evacuation zone around plant east of Houston

that “amid the many feel-good stories about strangers helping strangers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a feel-bad story has almost inevitably surfaced: Scammers are using robo-calls to try to fleece storm survivors.”
The robo-calls tell people that their premiums are past due and that they must send money immediately or else have their flood insurance canceled.
“That is pure fraud. You should only be taking information from trusted sources,” said Roy E. Wright, director of the National Flood Insurance Program at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Associated Press is reporting that Congress is gearing up for a vote as early as next week on a multibillion-dollar down payment on relief aid for Harvey.
White House and congressional aides said Thursday an emergency request to replenish rapidly shrinking aid reserves is coming from the Trump administration within days and that votes in both the House and Senate would quickly follow.

EPA director Scott Pruitt issued a statement this morning about the ongoing situation at the Arkema chemical plant is Crosby.
EPA has emergency response personnel on the scene and the Agency is currently reviewing data received from an aircraft that surveyed the scene early this morning. This information indicates that there are no concentrations of concern for toxic materials reported at this time.
“We will consider using any authority we have to further address the situation to protect human health and the environment.”

Lines are beginning to form outside stores in Beaumont where both the primary and backup water supply sources have now gone down.

The city of Beaumont — which is home to roughly 120,000 people — has lost its water supply.

With the stench from stagnant waters hanging over parts of the city the Houston health department urged residents to take precautions to minimise contamination and disease. “Practice good hygiene such as hand washing after any contact with #Harvey floodwaters,” it tweeted. “Do not eat any food that came in contact with #Harvey floodwaters. When in doubt, throw it out.”
Regular trash collection was due to resume on Thursday but the the Houston Chronicle that the public health threat was just beginning.

Rory Carroll has been inside the Houston convention centre talking to folks stranded by Harvey. Here’s some of what he’s heard:

Our Rory Carroll reports that, in part of Harvey-battered Houston, dry land, normalcy and hope are finally coming back in view:
“It’s dry as far as you can see,” said Liz Spencer, 64, an artist, who viewed a panorama from a skyscraper’s 45th floor. She was now out walking with her nine-year-old granddaughter Ivy and had just scooped up some litter. “This feels like the start of getting back to a normal state of affairs.”

Good morning. Jamiles Lartey here with our continuing coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We’re leading off with the situation at the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas.

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