Sunday, 30 April 2017
I love silent movies; ie no popcorn, no crisps, no drinks and turn your b***** phone off!

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You're at the cinema. You've just sat through 20 minutes of ads, including that annoying one with the trendy dad dropping his teenage daughter off at school with hip-hop blaring from his VW, where he tries to high-five her in front of her friends and she rolls her eyes at him; and a few trailers for forthcoming films. All through these unwanted attempts to sell us something there was a respectful silence in the auditorium, rarely rising beyond a gentle murmur, even during the bit with all the bleeps and ringtones reminding us to turn our phones off and not to leave them on silent, followed by dozens of people fiddling around with their brightly-lit screens as they check a few final messages before turning them off for an intolerable two hours without social media.

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